Thursday, March 1st

Devon joins Hilary at the bar – he met a young woman today. Why didn’t you tell me you were in the mentoring program. Hilary knows people would assume it was a cynical ploy to improve her image. Hilary wishes she had a mentor growing up – maybe I wouldn’t be so bitter. Devon was blown away when hearing that Hilary’s paying for Shawna’s brother’s rehab. Why couldn’t you share that with me? Hilary wanted to protect Shawna’s privacy.

Ashley’s surprised to hear that Jack never made it to the office. Join me for a drink – I did something tremendous at work today she boasts but no, she won’t divulge anything to the competition. Helen’s on the verge of a breakthrough at the lab – maybe we’ll be in the news together, Jack smiles as Ashley pours drinks. Dina then comes on video chat – she’s alone after getting separated from her nurse on a train. Jackie, please help me! Both Jack and Ashley are panicked when the connection is dropped.

Devon realizes that he misjudged Hilary. He’s impressed. Hilary wasn’t sure she had the skills to help Shawna but it’s mostly about just being there. Devon’s forgiven Hilary – but only when it comes to business. Even if he weren’t dating Simone, reuniting with Hilary would be a giant step backwards.

Vikki can’t believe anyone thinks she’s paranoid (well, maybe Ashley) JT finds it endearing. A lot of guys wouldn’t put up with your idiosyncrasies (like Billy) but JT loves Vikki’s complicated mind. In JT’s hug, Vikki doesn’t look relaxed or relieved.

Nick’s at CL’s to update Sharon on the flashdrive he got from Anita. Adam changed the paternity results – at least it feels good that he trusted me to raise Christian. Nick’s given Sharon’s offer some more thought. He can’t stay at the penthouse or the tackhouse (which would feel like regressing) It’d be good for Christian to be around Sharon, Mariah and Faith. Sharon’s thrilled – move in tonight.

Both on their phones, Ashley hangs up to update Jack that Abby wasn’t alarmed that Dina wasn’t there after work – she’d planned a trip to Bordeau (with a nurse) They got separated at the train station. We’ll find her, Jack and Ashley cling to one another.

My Thoughts: Nick thinks that moving back to the tackhouse would be ‘regressing’ but moving back into his and Sharon’s former marital home isn’t? For all his talk of being his own man, Nick ALWAYS runs to a woman for shelter. He hasn’t even considered that Sharon might get reattached to Christian (Mariah will be the smartest person in that house) How many people can live in that little cottage anyway? Phyllis will be absolutely LIVID when she finds out – and won’t Victor enjoy coming to Sharon’s to see his grandson … Devon talks a lot about this Simone woman – but he never seems to be with her… Of course Jack and Ashley’s crisis involves Dina – but are they going to hug it out and make nice every time something like this happens?… For a minute (again) I thought Nick’s counteroffer to Anita was going to be an apartment at Rainbow Gardens….. JT is manipulating Vikki like a pro. Anyone who’s lived with a narcissist can see the oh so subtle signs. There was no need for JT to causally mention Victor smiling with Ashley. And all his talk of Vikki being paranoid is just grooming her to ignore her instincts when she clues in that he doesn’t have her best interests at heart. He listed Vikki’s flaws and claims to love her despite them (unlike other men) The final step is giving affection as a reward to lull the victim into false sense of security. It’s actually quite interesting to watch (though disappointing to those of use who thought JT and Vikki might be a couple we can root for and enjoy watching.