Friday, March 2nd

Phyllis’ search takes her to CL’s. By process of elimination, Phyllis guesses Nick’s at the club. Mariah’s not happy to report that Nick and Christian moved in with them. They may not listen to Mariah but Phyllis is sure they’ll hear what SHE has to say.

Continuing to debate worse case scenarios, Jack can’t get his Mother’s last words out of his head; Jackie, help me. Ashley’s in tears as both lament what a terrible disease Alzheimer’s is. Perhaps Jack will take the private jet and go look himself; whatever it takes.

JT’s dressed up to look like he belongs at Jabot (in case security cameras pick him up) Yes, he’s sure he can get past Jabot’s security. Vikki will have champagne waiting for JT when he gets home.

Nick, Sharon and the kids are sitting on the couch watching a movie when Mariah comes home with pie – and Phyllis. Her call mentioned, Faith chirps that her Mom told her to let it go to voicemail. I forgot about that, Sharon lies – then sends Faith upstairs to wash Christian’s hands. Dinner’s ready and um .. Sharon didn’t make enough for guests. Left alone with Nick for a moment, Phyllis whispers that this move is a mistake. It’s good for the kids, Nick believes. Sharon appears to quickly get rid of Phyllis (who calls Vikki from the front step) When Vikki’s reluctant to get involved, Phyllis is sure whatever she’s doing isn’t as important as looking out for her brother.

After Gloria gets on the elevator, JT puts a latex glove on and sneaks into Jack’s office.

As JT searches Jack’s desk, Gloria returns for her reading glasses (telling Mike on the phone that she’ll be there soon) As she rummages through her desk, JT’s taking a print of Jack’s home to unlock his desk. He hides behind the door when Gloria opens the door to Jack’s office. Finding her glasses in her hand, she tells Mike she’ll be right there. The drawer now unlocked, JT finds the Newman Enterprises folder he’s looking for.

Sharon encourages Vikki to stay as long as she likes – then leaves Nick to list the many reasons why it’s good for Christian to be here. He’s looking more like you every day, Vikki observes as Nick picks Christian up.

Vikki! JT comes in the house to say – I got the file just like you predicted. Disappointed to find her not home, JT sends Vikki a text that puts a screeching halt to her sharing pie with the gang at Sharon’s. Come over anytime, Sharon’s as sweet as the pie she’s serving.