Monday, March 5th

Apparently aroused by hearing how JT managed to break into Jack’s desk to find the paperwork that will oust Ashley, Vikki thinks it fitting that he get her old office – and sex right here in this one (at least she has the sense to lock the door)

A ‘very concerned’ Ashley ends a call with Jack. When Victor strolls into the breakroom, she wonders if he’s fetching his own coffee because he fired his assistant. All but chuckling, Victor hasn’t fired anyone since his entire PR team. Victor looks around the little room – this is a place for gossip and innuendo. Maybe Victor has heard whispers about Ashley, maybe he hasn’t. Only you would know if you’ve done something worth whispering about, Victor tells Ashley to have a nice day and strolls out.

Seated at the club, Nikki’s on the phone scolding Nick for ducking her calls. Where are you? Uh home. Odd, Nikki went by the penthouse. We’re living at Sharon’s, Nick reluctantly admits. What!? Nikki yelps. Nick did it for the kids – gotta go, he hangs up quickly.

Devon’s at GC Buzz to approve Hilary’s new ideas (remote location shoots – panel discussions) When he needs to leave, Hilary has something else to discuss.

Back in the office, JT commandeers Vikki’s boxed lunch of empty calories and carbs. She recalls Billy used to give her a hard time about her eating habits too. Oh, now you’re comparing me to that guy? JT’s joking as he picks up the phone to call a nutritionist. Vikki does not look amused.

At CL’s, Nick leaves a message for Sharon – he needs to give her a heads up about something. Billy comes along to say he’s sorry about Chelsea. No, Nick won’t track her down – he’s just glad she didn’t take Christian. He’s NOT glad to hear that Billy also knows the secret of Christian’s paternity.

Coming home and seeing that she missed a call from Nick, Sharon is then barged in on by an angry Nikki – who will not sit back and let Sharon take advantage of Nick. Not. A. Chance.

Hilary gripes that Devon left the room to talk to a ‘strategic partner’ (instead of putting the call on speaker) Hilary won’t be subtle about what she wants – and yes, she is tenacious. That’s how well you know me – and that’s what makes this a logical idea.

Now seated at CL’s, Billy tells Nick that Phyllis is ferocious in her protection of him – she’d drag Chelsea back here if she could. Billy swears that neither he or Phyllis will reveal Nick’s secret. Nick doesn’t feel good about having to trust the man who broke every promise he made to his sister.

Nick’s an adult, making his own decisions, Sharon remarks. This is your dream come true, Nikki sniffs – how long before you call Nick’s son Sully? Are you jealous? Sharon wonders – because Nick didn’t come running to you. Sharon doesn’t want to fight and insists they talk over a cup of tea. Tea?! Nikki looks aghast. Yes, tea.

Ashley takes a seat across from Victor at the club. Was that a warning or an accusation in the breakroom this morning? What is it you think you know? Victor wonders how confidential NE papers with Ashley’s watermark ended up locked away in Jack’s desk. Ashley looks stunned.