Friday, March 2nd

The Abbott kids have the cops and PI’s looking for Dina. It’s not Abby’s fault, Ashley again defends. Jack couldn’t expect Abby to do what both of them weren’t able to. We failed, I failed, Jack sighs.

Coming home to a scolding from JT, Vikki’s sorry (she had to deal with Nick’s drama) JT’s then proud to show off the file he found, by using Jack’s fingerprint to break into his desk.

Dina appears for a video chat. She seems happy enough – a kind man found her on a park bench. What man!? A woman with a British accent then comes into the shot to say that she works in social services. Her Mom’s in good hands. As Ashley and Jack shed tears of gratitude and relief, Dina comments that they look awful.

Nick’s impressed at the relationships Sharon fostered with Mariah (and how good Mariah is with Faith too) Nick thinks that Christian won’t go to sleep for a while. Sharon has an idea – she’ll sing to him like she did when he was a baby. Nick watches then sits to thank Sharon for everything. Watching from the stairs, Mariah looks worried.

Ready to leave, Jack’s told to call Ashley as soon as he gets to London. He doesn’t need Abby to get involved – Dina’s not going back to Paris – Jack’s bringing her back home.

Victor’s been summoned to Vikki’s to be shown the proof JT found – Ashley’s sharing secrets with Jack. You have no choice but to fire her, Vikki claims.

My Thoughts: Vikki’s house is too full for Nick and Christian to move in to? I guess everyone’s forgotten about the huge empty apartment conveniently located above the garage…. How exactly will Victor explain to Ashley how he got a folder that was locked in Jack’s desk? … How lame is security at Jabot that anyone wearing a nice suit can just waltz in and access the executive suites? And why would an office building that big be empty? Are we to expect that Gloria’s the hardest working employee? No one does overtime? …. Looks like Sharon’s reverting to her off-kilter persona again. She’s trying way too hard. Nick deserves whatever he gets for being so obtuse and oblivious (and how does he think this is good for Christian? Give the kid his own home; a stable home) Nick’s barely been there 5 minutes and Sharon’s already lying and manipulating him (and lying and involving Faith) Why can’t Nick see what’s so obvious to Mariah and Phylli