Monday, March 5th

Nikki peers into her teacup as if it might contain poison. Oh, come ON – Sharon takes a sip. Nikki then lists all the men Sharon’s claimed to have loved but you always circle back to Nick. Sharon’s learned a lot from working the crisis line. Yes, she’s caused a lot of pain but can only admit to that and try to do better. Don’t make Nick feel guilty. Nikki demands Sharon stop acting like she’s the only one Nick can count on. She also suspects there’s more to Chelsea taking off.

Billy can only dream about the miracle bestowed on Nick. Delia’s gone – Christian is here. Chelsea did one right thing – leaving Christian with his Father (and yes, you are his Father) You’re all Christian’s got (and the best Father he could ask for) Nick finds that strangely heartfelt. Billy’s pullin’ for Nick. Thanks, Nick says as Billy leaves.

In the breakroom, Vikki’s been checking the website she set up for anonymous feedback. Seems I can be cold and abrasive. So, a boss, JT isn’t surprised or concerned. I ‘get off on making demands’, Vikki reads out more feedback and seems sad that a lot of people at NE hate her.

Victor wants to know how these documents, on a deal Ashley initiated, ended up in Jack’s desk. Ashley knows she’s being set up. I saw Vikki and Jack with their heads together the other day. I gave this to Vikki – she ran to Jack. Go ahead – ask Jack (when he gets back from England) Knowing she’s done nothing wrong, Ashley knows from bitter experience about being lied to by family (as Victor’s about to find out)

You don’t care what people think about you – you’re tougher than that, JT follows Vikki into her office. Vikki reads another post she suspects came from Lily (who she knows would rather be working for Ashley) Victor arrives to speak to Vikki alone. JT’s attempt to stick around don’t fly – this is above your pay grade, Victor sends him storming out. Did you have to belittle him? Vikki sighs. Victor spoke to Ashley. How did she handle being fired? Vikki wonders. Victor doesn’t have enough facts. We’ll found out once the investigation proceeds. Meanwhile, JT storms into the break room looking ready to rip someone’s head off.

Still at GC Buzz, Devon has no idea what Hilary’s talking about. When she throws more words at him, Devon insists that he won’t try to replace her if it’s about maternity leave. If that’s all… Devon stands to go. I want you to be my baby’s Father, Hilary blurts out.

Nick comes home to a lecture from his Mother (who shoos Sharon off when she chimes in) Now Nikki knows why Nick was avoiding her calls. He insists this is the best move. Nikki hopes Nick knows what he’s walking into. Yeah, yeah – Phyllis and Vikki already warned him. And never mind telling Victor because there’s no way Nick’s listening to him.

Hilary doesn’t so much want a child WITH Devon on – more like BY him. You’re the type of man any woman would want to Father their child. You’d just be a donour – a business arrangement, not a relationship. Hilary will even pay ‘the going rate’ to make it official.