Monday, March 5th

Vikki comes home to ask JT why he didn’t answer her texts. When he lashes out, she knows it’s because Victor got to him – but it wasn’t personal; he respects you. No, he doesn’t respect me – or you. With Abby in France, he needed someone to pit you against. You don’t see Victor for who he is – that’s why you’ll always be Daddy’s little girl instead of a CEO. Ashley then barges in to suggest Vikki use a sharper knife next time she stabs someone in the back. Victor knows the ‘chain of evidence’ – me, you, Jack. When this blows up in your face, I’ll stand and cheer, Ashley gloats as she marches out.

No, Hilary’s idea doesn’t ‘make sense’. I’m your boss – we had an ugly divorce. Hilary persists – she respects Devon more than anyone. Then respect the fact that Devon would never walk away from his child. It’s not happening. I’m going to have a baby! Hilary shouts as Devon leaves (and wishes her luck with that)

Why does Ashley think you set her up? JT questions Vikki. And why didn’t Victor fire her? He needs more ‘proof’? JT scoffs. That’s not trust – Victor’s treating us all like pawns. You’re defending him but is he defending YOU? I’M your family – I’M the one you can count on, JT implores. As soon as you tell your Father that our life together can begin.

At the club’s bar, Victor assures Nikki that he will find Chelsea (and more importantly Connor) He’s OK with Christian staying with Sharon (and no, he’ll never call her Mommy) Nick needs our protection now more than ever. What do you mean? Nikki asks (but gets no answer)

Sharon comes down to tell Nick how Nikki marched right in. And you had tea? Nick’s baffled. Sharon calls it more of an impasse than a truce but at least no china was broken. Nick knows his Dad will be next – what people don’t get is that we’re friends. As Nick goes upstairs, Sharon watches with a dreamy smile.

Next: Phyllis crosses the line … Lily makes a power move …. Ashley points the finger at JT.

My Thoughts: All seductive and flirtatious, Vikki locks the door and whispers sexily into JT’s mouth – My Father knows how to handle traitors. Really?! That’s just gross. She might just as well get it over with and scream ‘Daddy!’ as JT ravages her on the desk. What I’m saying is – Vikki has a sick obsession with her Father. And why oh why would she reminisce about Billy disapproving of her eating habits? Is she trying to push JT over the edge? …. Did Sharon build an addition to the front of her house? The front door used to lead directly outside – now there’s some sort of windowed mud-room with a bench…. Victor’s been a heartless ghoul for years but there’s something particularly cold about the way he boasted with amusement about firing his entire PR team; like those ten or so people didn’t have bills to pay and families to support…. I wonder who’s going to be tricked into bed first; Nick by Sharon of Devon by Hilary.