Tuesday, March 6th

It’s employee appreciation day at NE; Vikki’s idea to make herself likeable. In the breakroom, she whines to JT about Ashley not being fired yet. Surely a box of donuts will show everyone that she’s the one they can put their faith in.

At the club, Ashley tells Lily how Vikki and Jack set her up. Lily finds it hard to believe – that’s like me conspiring with Hilary. No, she hasn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary – though Vikki got a bit weird about her and JT talking. Ashley asks Lily to talk to JT – you’re already ‘in the middle’ – pick a side.

Dropping by the Ashby home, Devon tries to convince Cane that Hilary’s changed – she’s even mentoring a young girl. Cane’s not buying it – Hilary likely paid the girl.

On the CL’s patio, Hilary tells Phyllis that she’s determined that like it or not Devon will be the Father of her child. What exactly do you plan on doing? Phyllis wonders.

When an employee comes in the breakroom, Vikki tells him to take a donut. What was that look? she asks when Taylor leaves. Ashley then arrives to scoff – it’ll take a lot more than donuts. Your Father won’t buy it either – he knows how insecure you are. Vikki sticks to her story and is sure Victor will fire Ashley.

Cane and Devon continue to butt heads over Hilary. Lily gave YOU the benefit of the doubt so why judge me for doing the same with Hilary? Devon concludes.

Back on the patio, Phyllis is glad to hear that Hilary won’t get pregnant by Devon without his permission – she plans to convince him into donating his DNS. Phyllis doesn’t believe that Hilary has no romantic designs on Devon. Co-parenting is harder than you think – look at Nick and Sharon. Phyllis would do anything to knock some sense into Nick. Anything? Billy arrives to ask.

Billy’s joined Hilary and Phyllis to deny he’s jealous of Nick – but why is Phyllis so invested in his personal life? We share a daughter — Phyllis doesn’t see a problem. Billy thinks Phyllis helped create the situation Nick’s in (by chasing Chelsea out of town)