Tuesday, March 6th

Lily drops by Vikki’s office to say she’s taking the afternoon off (she sent an email) No, it’s not OK – Vikki needs Lily to attend a meeting. Sorry but this is important, Vikki dismisses Lily and takes a call. In the hallway, Lily texts Cane to say that she can’t come home (thanks to Vikki) Tell the kids I’m sorry.

In the breakroom, Ashley accuses JT of breaking into Jack’s office to steal documents – or did Vikki just hand you the documents? Victor has the proof that you betrayed him and this company, JT says then walks out.

Now home, Billy’s sorry he ambushed Phyllis in front of Hilary. Phyllis understands – let’s take this upstairs. No, Billy thinks they need a serious talk.

Hilary’s now with Shawna at CL’s; encouraging her that she can put herself through school. There’s grants and scholarships – She’ll help with all the paperwork and be there every step of the way.

The twins understand that their Mom can’t come home. Mattie will study for her SAT’s – Charlie isn’t taking the test – he’s decided not to go to college (much to Cane and Mattie’s alarm)

As employees fill her office, Vikki thanks everyone for coming. She created this event to show how much their hard work is appreciated. Realizing she’s ruffled a few feathers, Vikki will adjust her management style – her door will be open. Her office is a safe space. Ashley has something to say – she relishes the opportunity to let everyone know how she feels about Vikki’s leadership.

Billy tells Phyllis that he and Nick had a good chat. Sharon couldn’t be expected to keep that secret. You think what Nick’s going through is my fault? Phyllis seems surprised.

Devon’s joined Hilary and Shawna at CL’s to share his story of growing up in foster care and a group home. He was adopted and sent to college. Hard work pays off. You can have anything you want. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Hilary couldn’t agree more.

Charlie doesn’t need college to be a music producer. It’s not open to debate – you’re going to college! Cane orders.

Ashley steps up to talk about transparency – Vikki’s decision making and hiring practices are questionable. You hired your boyfriend over existing employees. JT is the most qualified candidate, Vikki argues. Ashley then scolds Vikki for the way she treated Abby. Vikki’s looking for helpful suggestions. Ashley suggests she stop trying to get people she’s threatened by fired. Lily then gripes about not being given the afternoon off. Our time is your time unless you have dinner plans. Ah ha – Vikki knew that comment came from Lily (who thinks Ashley’s concerns have merit) Told her work is lacking, Lily’s had enough criticism – I’m out of here.