Tuesday, March 6th

Taylor lingers behind to say that Lily didn’t submit that comment – it was him. Well that blew up in your face, Ashley gloats – you proved how unfit you are by belittling Lily. JT thinks it time Ashley leave. Vikki thinks the only one who should be ashamed is Ashley – your days are numbered. Don’t count on that, Ashley leaves.

When Lily gets home she’s OK that the kids aren’t there so she can rant about Vikki insulting her in front of everyone. I had to get out of there. Cane doesn’t blame her. Vikki’s been walking all over me, Lily’s thinking of quitting. Cane thinks her happiness is more important than losing the income. He supports her either way.

Ready to leave CL’s, Shawna thanks Devon and Hilary – you guys make a good team; how long have you been together? We’re not anymore – we’re coworkers, Devon explains. On her way out the patio, Shawna has a brief chat with Charlie (who seems quite interested) He then joins Hilary and Devon to whine (but they also think he should go to college)

Phyllis lists everything Chelsea did to Nick – how am I responsible for that? Yes, Billy did support Phyllis but also asked her to back off. He wished she’d listened to him.

Still at CL’s, Hilary appreciates what Devon said about her to Charlie and Shawna. He’s sorry he walked out but was thrown when asked to be a donor. They then talk about Shawna. Devon thinks Hilary’s doing a great job – and yes, he is interested in being a good role model too.

Billy gently scolds Phyllis – sometimes you don’t think of the repercussions. Lauren asked you to back off too. We can learn from this – to let things go. One day you might go too far. What then? Phyllis balks – this is who I am; a passionate person.

Now alone in the office, Vikki blasts JT for not sticking up for her when she needed his support. You did nothing. JT didn’t want it to appear that he was siding with Vikki because they live together. You let Lily and Ashley get to you. Take responsibility for your mistakes. Lily returns to ask for a private word with Vikki – she’s here to deliver her resignation. I quit. Vikki’s left to slump into her seat.