Wednesday, March 7th

At NE, JT asks Victor why he’s being taken off the investigation (since he’s head of security and the one who found evidence that company secrets are being leaked to Jabot)

Meeting Vikki at the club for breakfast, Nikki thanks her for letting the kids come over. Yes, things are OK with Victor – Nikki’s happier than she’s ever been. Vikki claims that things are going great with JT – for the most part. What’s he done? Nikki asks. It’s what I’ve done, Vikki sighs.

Surprise! Ashley’s delighted when Jack comes home with both Dina and Abby.

The kids are in school and Sam’s with the nanny. Cane tells Lily to enjoy her day – you’ve earned some time off. Lily would rather work than sit around here. Because of Sam? Cane wonders.

Lily doesn’t want to be a stay at home Mom. Working for Vikki was unbearable but Lily’s a better Mom and partner if she works. Cane suggests Lily come work at Chancellor (then makes up jobs with ‘goofy titles’) Lily doesn’t think it a good idea to work and live together (JT and Vikki are proof of that) With a kiss and I love you’s, Cane leaves Lily looking sad.

Victor needs a ‘neutral party’ to investigate this sensitive matter. JT’s sure Vikki has nothing to do with NE files being found at Jabot. Victor’s sceptical of JT’s claim that he and Vikki ‘share everything’.

Nikki gushes about how proud she is of Vikki – if something’s troubling you, tell me. Vikki’s been keeping something from JT (while demanding honesty from him) Sorry, it’s better you and JT know nothing about this – for your own protection.

Ashley’s delighted to hear that Abby’s home to stay. Dina’s suddenly confused – where am I? Why am I here Jackie? This is your home, they explain. Wondering where her bag is, Dina blames Ashley. I don’t trust her, she whines as she follows Abby to the kitchen for ice cream. Don’t let it get to you, Jack tries to reassure Ashley – then is astonished when she growls ‘don’t touch me’.

After breakfast, Vikki thanks her Mom for understanding. Nikki doesn’t think partners need to share everything but is alarmed to hear that JT’s made Vikki see that she’s overly-sensitive to criticism and can be abrasive. No, he’s not being mean, Vikki disagrees – he even rightly called me out on my eating habits. That’s why you only had fruit for breakfast, Nikki tells Vikki not to be hard on herself to please JT – be equals (basically like she and Victor are)