Wednesday, March 7th

Jack agrees with Ashley that Dina needs 24-hour care. She’s paranoid and lashed out at several people on the trip home. Ashley then accuses Jack or conspiring with Vikki to get her fired. When Abby comes in to ask what’s going on, Jack escapes under the guise of helping Dina. Yes, Ashley’s sure (then shouts that Jack left the room because it’s true)

In the breakroom, Victor appreciates JT’s input but he’s to back off until he knows who’s conspiring with Jack. JT defends Vikki – she’s earned your trust. How can you think that of your own daughter (especially after all the crap you put her through)? Sorry, that was out of line – JT just wants what’s best for Vikki. So does Victor (who makes a call as soon as JT exits to alert someone that he’s leaving)

Lily takes a seat with Jack at the club to say she’s sorry about his Mom. He’s sorry to hear Lily’s no longer at NE – come back to Jabot. Thanking Jack, Lily’s not sure what her next move is. She can’t see Ashley leaving NE. Jack still has hope.

Now in Vikki’s office, JT rants about Victor’s accusations – to think you’d hide this from both of us, he scoffs. Cane then arrives to blast Vikki for mistreating Lily. I was unfair, Vikki admits but blames it on security issues and thinking Lily submitted negative feedback about her. Ask her to come back to work, Vikki requests (which Cane assures that won’t happen)

Ashley explains to Abby why Jack conspired with Vikki. He hates that I walked away from Jabot so much that he wants me out of NE. I’m nobody’s puppet. Having work to get to, Abby hopes Ashley will be OK alone with Dina. Giving her some meds, Abby promises she won’t be too long. Ashley’s about to call Victor when Dina reappears with no recollection of being on a plane.

Back home, Lily ends a call and is surprised when Cane comes home to make out on the sofa.

In the dining room, Ashley struggles with Dina’s mood swings and confusion. What did you do to Mrs Martinez? Dina yelps. She’s out shopping, Ashley’s alarmed when Dina rips her bun apart. I don’t trust you! Don’t hurt me! she cowers when Ashley gives up on food and tries to have Dina take her meds. I love you, I’d never hurt you, she assures her terrified Mother.

Wrapped in a blanket, Lily’s impressed by what Cane said to Vikki (and that he got her to apologize) She’s not mad that Cane spoke for by saying she wouldn’t return to NE. Lily wants to focus on her new job.

Victor takes a seat with Jack to accuse him of corporate espionage – who helped you? Vikki or Ashley? Jack’s amused – you’ll destroy your company all by yourself. Victor’s left to smirk by himself.