Wednesday, March 7th

What are you doing back here? Vikki blurts out when Abby appears in her office. She’s also not impressed to hear that she’s transferring back. Dad approved the move. Oh? He didn’t tell you? Abby then boasts about all her great work in Paris. Then why come back here? Vikki asks. To work with my Mother. She won’t be here much longer, Vikki claims. Abby disagrees – did you really think your desperate scheme to get her out would work?

Lily informs Cane that Barry offered her a modelling job in New York – only for a week, she quickly adds. Cane offers congratulations and a hug. When he goes to tend to a crying Sam, Lily looks troubled.

Back home, Abby’s sorry to hear that Ashley had a hard time with Dina. We’ll take it one day at a time, together. Jack’s so glad they’re both here – he needs to leave town on business. Ignoring Ashley’s anger, Jack tells Abby it’s good to have her back. Abby promises that she’ll clear her Mom’s good name and Vikki will pay the price for trying to wreck it.

JT and Vikki are kissing in her office when Victor knocks on the door and comes in to announce that he’s concluded his investigation and is confident he knows who colluded with Jack.

Next: Victor cleans house ….Billy helps Ashley clear her name… Devon expands his empire.

My Thoughts: If JT’s head of security, where is the rest of the NE security team? What exactly is their job description? If Victor’s paying for a security department why does he have to conduct his own investigation? And what’s all this about clearing Ashley’s good name? Does anyone even know what she’s accused of?…. Didn’t JT promise Paul that he’d have dirt on Victor soon? Does it matter if Chris and her DOJ friends pull the plug on his covert operation? It’s not like JT doesn’t have a good paying job (if Paul’s even paying him)… If Vikki really wanted Lily back she should have called her to apologize or gone in person …. Does Lily really have a modelling job in New York or is she just running away because she doesn’t want to play wet nurse to Cane’s offspring? … If Nikki’s happier than she’s ever been she must have forgotten all her weddings, trips and the grand romantic gestures Victor’s lavished upon her over the past 40 years.