Thursday, March 8th

When Devon arrives at GC Buzz, Mariah warns him not to make jokes about Hilary to Shawna – that girl’s not having it. Both think that Hilary’s doing an amazing job of being a role model to Shawna. Hilary’s pleased when Devon offers to show Shawna around Hamilton-Winters.

Cane comes home insisting Charlie stick around for a talk. Mom’s nervous about leaving us alone so we gotta step up. Fine – but Charlie’s in a rush to leave and won’t be around for dinner. He’s going to a concert for Hamilton-Winters. ‘Later’, Charlie leaves.

At the Abbott mansion, an angry Ashley updates Billy. Abby marches in to snap that Billy’s ex-wife is a vindictive bitch. Billy and Abby don’t think Ashley should sue Victor; Billy because it’ll be a drawn-out court case, Abby because she wants to go after Vikki (and play just as dirty)

Yes, Devon has women executives – and a diverse group of artists – go see for yourself (online) As Shawna heads to a computer, Hilary and Devon agree she’s a sharp girl. Devon thinks helping a kid out feels better than putting out business fires. Charlie arrives to see Shawna dancing with headphones on. The conversation is over in seconds when Devon sends his intern off to work. Well, that was a ‘Dad move’, Hilary jokes. Invited to dinner at the club and a tour of HWG, Shawna accepts. I have to get to school – and you guys should get back together, she says on her way out.

Lily isn’t happy to see Devon with Hilary and surprised when Mariah asks her to give Hilary a break – she’s a self-centered mess but there’s actually a human in there – deep down. Yes, deep down in the sewer, Lily quickly summons Devon away from Hilary (needing to speak to him NOW) Phyllis then shows up in need of a semi-objective person to help her before her life’s sabotaged. By who? Hilary asks. Me – again, Phyllis admits.

While Billy thinks this is all Jack, Abby’s sure it’s Vikki. Either way, both want to prove that Ashley was set up (and take Victor down) Ashley doesn’t want them involved. Sure that someone played dirty, Billy’s more than willing to play dirty in return – I’m your guy. After he leaves, Ashley protests as Abby rifles through Jack’s paperwork. This is nothing compared to what I’ve already done. Call my Dad and see for yourself, Abby grins at her confused Mother.

Phyllis confides to Hilary that Nick has no killer instincts, he needs protection. Of course, Billy doesn’t understand. Hilary sees nothing wrong with caring about an ex. It took you two minutes to make this about you and Devon, Phyllis gripes. No, she doesn’t want Nick back – and she’s not pushing Billy away by obsessing about Nick. In Hilary’s life, a little obsession is necessary.

In Devon’s office, Lily needs to know if she’s out of her mind or out of her league. Neither, Devon thinks she left Newman just in time and likes the idea of Lily starting her own modelling agency. Never mind applying for a business loan, he has a different idea.

How did you get your hands on Jabot’s security logs? Ashley hopes it didn’t involve breaking and entering. No, Abby has contacts with access. While Abby finds numerous calls to Vikki on Jack’s cell phone bill, Ashley comes across a request from Jack to leave his office unlocked – the day before the watermarked documents were found in his desk. We can nail both Jack and Vikki now! Abby’s thrilled.

Lily’s not sure if this is how she wants to start her business. Devon wants to eliminate the red tape and capital startups usually need. There will be no ‘blurred lines’, he wants Lily to help him grow their family firm – Whaddaya say?