Thursday, March 8th

Getting a text from Billy saying ‘meet me at the club, it’s bad’, Phyllis wonders what’s wrong. Allegedly, Jack framed Ashley for corporate espionage – allegedly with Vikki. Victor fired Ashley. Is there any way to …. OMG, I’m doing it again, Phyllis realizes.

Hilary’s at Devon’s office to say that Shawna really looks up to him. No, she looks up to you, Devon corrects. Make sure she knows we aren’t getting back together – Shawna should be thinking business, not romance (cause there is none) Wondering where Shawna is and her phone dead, Hilary calls her school contact to ask if she’s in the library. Hanging up, Hilary informs Devon that Shawna hasn’t been in school all week and cancelled her SAT registration.

Dates, times, phone calls, Abby ignores her Mom’s protest to take photos of the evidence she’ll show her Father (to prove that his right-hand and enemy were conspiring) Court will take forever and affect NE, Abby refuses to wait while her Mom’s name is dragged through the mud. Get back here! I mean it! Ashley’s orders are ignored as Abby marches out.

Over drinks at the bar, Phyllis realizes she’s a victim of her own worst instincts. Revenge is up to Ashley, not me. Billy understands – he offered to break the law today but stopped himself like Phyllis did now. She doesn’t want to lose Billy because she enjoys lashing out. We’ve got this, they clasp hands and agree.

As Hilary leaves Shawna a message, Devon thinks they got played. Hilary’s upset that he’s so quick to blow Shawna off. Neil didn’t give up on you. Hilary has no answers but cares enough to find out. You can walk away, I won’t, she marches out.

Cane has some kind of schedule/flow chart on his laptop to show Lily how well prepared he is to take care of the kids. Great, Lily hits the delete button. She cancelled the job. You’re looking at the newest branch of Hamilton-Winters, she announces. Wow, Cane’s impressed.

Ashley leaves Jack a message – after what you did to me, I’ll never come crawling back to Jabot.

Abby in his office, Victor’s glad she’s back and only tolerates her behaviour because he adores her. You fired the most brilliant woman in business because Vikki threw a fit. Abby boasts that she was able to prove that Jack and Vikki set her Mom up in a couple of hours. Told that he fired the wrong person, Victor takes the file Abby’s brought.