Monday, March 12th

Hilary simmers in the corner while Lily’s on the phone thanking Cane. Mike arrives to hear that Hilary and Devon want him to make a co-parenting agreement. Mike pulls out pen and paper – will the child be conceived through AI or the old fashioned way? Lily reappears to give Devon a horrified look – you’re having a baby with Hilary?! Are you out of your mind??

Dina up resting, Ashley and Abby are surprised when Vikki and Victor drop by. Abby resists being dismissed from the room but reluctantly does so when asked by her Mom. Vikki apologizes to Ashley and lists reasons (‘excuses’) she did what she did. You tried to ruin me too, Vikki claims – but is embarrassed that she sank so low. Come back to Newman. Ashley’s still waiting for an authentic apology; own what you did. You were willing to risk everything for revenge. You’re right – I’m truly sorry, Vikki wonders if Ashley wants her to beg. Victor offers to keep Vikki in check and give Ashley a bonus. Nope, it’s her or me, Ashley gives Victor an ultimatum.

Devon knows this is unconventional but assures Lily that it’s what HE wants (and doesn’t include getting back together with Hilary) Devon wants to be a Father – why wait? Lily knows her brother can do better; why not foster a child, adopt one. She then brings up the recording of Juliet. Hilary insists she WOULD be a good Mother (and brings up Cane’s sins) When their Dad gets back to town, Lily hopes HE can talk Devon out of positioning ‘this woman’ in his life forever.

Cane would like the twins to help him make Lily a dinner from scratch. Charlie’s a stick in the mud and thinks his Mom working at HWG will make his cool internship un-cool. When Mattie points out that Charlie might find himself surrounded by beautiful models thanks to Mom’s business, he gets up off the couch to help with dinner. Mattie scolds that he should be happy for Mom (and not think of just himself)

Abby’s not happy to see JT at the other end of the GCAC’s bar. Yes, he heard that she found the evidence to bust Vikki for framing Ashley. JT whines about being collateral damage and denies knowing anything about Vikki’s plan. She created this mess and I take the hit (being taken off the investigation) Just great, he throws cash on the bar and leaves Abby taken aback by his anger.

Lily’s delighted to come home to a warm welcome and a home cooked dinner in the works. Sensing something wrong, Cane asks the kids to leave – then hears that Devon’s about to make the biggest mistake of his life.

Back at HWG, Mike asks Devon if Lily’s valid points have made him reconsider. Hilary interrupts – she wants to zero child support; she and Devon will split the costs of raising their child. She has no problem with Devon passing his business down to their child. Mike goes back to his first question – then leaves Devon and Hilary to decide how their baby will be conceived (which means staring at each other)

Now home, Vikki’s already heard it from Ashley and her Dad; she doesn’t need more from JT (who proceeds anyway) You set me up – I look like an idiot; told your Father there’s no way you’d lie or use me like that. Vikki wanted to protect JT’s job (though hers isn’t safe) JT has no sympathy for Vikki – you didn’t trust me – even AFTER you got caught. I had to hear it from Victor and Abby. If we don’t have trust, what the hell are we doing together.

Massaging Lily’s feet as she sips wine, Cane agrees it’s a terrible idea for Devon to have a baby with Hilary. She won’t stop until she gets what she wants – but neither will I, Lily vows.

Hilary decides that their baby will be conceived in a doctor’s office – she just needs Devon’s …genetic material. Devon insists on being present while Hilary’s inseminated. Platonic co-parenting, here we come, Devon smiles (though both look about to go at it the old fashioned way)