Monday, March 12th

Back at the Abbott mansion, Abby rejoins her Mom for an update. Why can’t Dad see how unfair he’s being? Ashley’s next move is to take Victor to court for wrongful termination and Jack to court for defamation of character – they won’t know what hit them.

Victor’s home to update Nikki that Ashley won’t come back to NE unless he fires Vikki. He seems torn. If Ashley returns, she’ll take a lot of inside information. Who’s the better employee? Nikki asks. Vikki, but Victor thinks Ashley more loyal. Nikki has an idea that will give everyone what they want.

Vikki sits on her haunches at JT’s feet – she doesn’t want this to come between them. Tell me what you need me to do; I’ll do it. She won’t beg Ashley for forgiveness but I’ll beg you – please forgive me. I’ve lost my Father’s respect, maybe my job; I don’t want to lose you too. Are you going to leave me? What do you think? JT stands up and walks away. Vikki’s left to sit alone.

Next: Sharon leans on Nick ….. Lily schemes to keep Hilary out of Devon’s life …. Nikki gets busted.

My Thoughts: It’s ridiculous that Devon would want a baby with Hilary so soon after starting a relationship with the never seen Simone. Does she even know that Devon’s planning on raising a child with his sex wife? Devon’s rich enough that he could pay a woman to carry his baby and hire a team of nannies to help out until he found a stepmom. And Lily did make a good point – Devon’s first step should be looking to save a child from the childhood he had; bounced around in foster care. There’s only one reason Devon would want a baby with Hilary and it’s only a matter of time before they both admit (and act on) it …. Gosh – I wonder who Devon will hire to do renovations to his office to fit all the women in? Could it be Arturo? Will Lily try to set him up with Hilary? Why does everyone at HWG have to work from the same cramped office anyway? Where will Neil fit in? (nice to hear mention of him returning; hopefully he … What could Nikki’s bright idea be that’s in the best interests of everyone? If she gets ‘busted’ tomorrow, does she plan to take the blame for setting Ashley up? …. JT’s such a hypocrite – it’d be nice if Vikki called his bluff and asked him to leave. But then he’d have to keep dodging Paul’s calls and texts (exactly what he accused Vikki of doing) These two might belong together after all.