Monday, March 19th

Coffee and whining done, Lily has to get back to work. Abby’s off to video her grandmother, to capture her life story as best they can. Unsure how to work her new video camera, Abby also needs someone to edit all her clips. Lily volunteers Charlie; he’s learned a lot from Devon. Yes, of course, he can be at the Abbott mansion in an hour. Going for a refill, Abby almost collides with Arturo. Looks are exchanged.

Arturo and Nikki? You go girl! But Sharon agrees that Victor should never hear about it. Nick’s meeting Arturo at CL’s and isn’t sure whether to mention what he knows. Sharon doesn’t see what will be gained – don’t mess with your working relationship. Compartmentalize. OK, Nick will leave it alone.

At CL’s, Sharon eavesdrops as Nick tells Arturo of his expansion plans then gets testy when the ‘presumptuous’ contractor assumes he’ll be involved. Did I do something to piss you off? Arturo wonders. Sharon silently shakes her head at Nick (who sips his coffee instead of speaking his mind)

Disagreeing with Vikki, JT thinks Victor showing Reed some boxing skills is a great idea. Instead, Nikki suggests they play a duet they’ve been working on. As all gather around the piano, Victor glares at JT’s back (as JT looks increasingly frustrated)

At the Abbott mansion, Dina loves the idea of capturing her memories on video. Her stories will knock Abby’s socks off.

When Charlie delivers Hilary a drink, Lily asks him to go over to help Abby with her project. Mariah leaves with lots to do (and too much info on Hilary’s upcoming insemination) Lily’s glad she and Hilary are alone – perhaps she will listen to reason. There’s nothing you can do to change my mind, Hilary vows.

Save your breath, Lily’s told to ‘get a life’. If you’ve ever given a damn about my brother, listen to what I have to say, Lily commands Hilary.

After Charlie shows her how to use her video recorder and puts an editing app on her phone, Abby sits her grandmother down begins by asking how Dina met John. Dina talks about Kay Sheppard, Neil Fenmore, Stewart Brooks, the awful Joanna Manning and tells a tale of going skinny dipping at the old quarry with John and Kay. Dina clearly remembers her wedding on June 9th 1956, a Saturday. There was a hailstorm. Abby thinks Dina confused but Charlie confirms with a quick search on his phone – she’s right – there was a freak hailstorm that day.

At CL’s, Mariah wonders why Sharon’s so interested in Nick’s conversation with his contractor. You’re not looking at him like he’s a friend, you’re looking at him like he’s a sandwich and you haven’t eaten in weeks. In fact, neither Nick or Sharon are giving Mariah a ‘just friends’ vibe.

On the patio, Arturo presses Nick – why can’t you look me in the eye? OK, Nick knows he’s involved with his Mom. Arturo understands Nick’s protective of his Mom but he won’t hurt her. We’re just enjoying each other for however long it lasts, Arturo says then storms out.

Duet over, Nikki gets a text from Nick that sounds urgent enough that she must go meet him at Sharon’s. Seeing his opening, JT suggests Vikki and her Dad take the kids down to see the horses; he and JT will hold down the fort. As all wander off, JT couldn’t look more suspicious.

As Reed puts the TV on, JT goes upstairs to make a couple of work calls. Slipping a latex glove on, he wastes no time heading to Victor’s safe with his safe-cracking gadget.

Annoyed that Nick’s summoned her to Sharon’s to discuss expanding their project, Nikki’s about to leave when he drops Arturo’s name. What did you do? Nikki growls and is furious to hear that Nick confronted Arturo. If I can stomach you living with Sharon you can accept my choices, she hisses.