Monday, March 19th

You’re a piece of work, Hilary tells Lily that she has it all but can’t mind her own business. Why is my having a child so threatening to you? Have ten kids – just not with Devon; he wants a wife. Don’t ask him to make this sacrifice. Hilary finds it ironic that SHE’S considered the manipulator.

While JT’s discovered something in Victor’s safe, Nikki returns to grill Reed about how his parents are getting along. Vikki, Victor and the kids return. Dad? He’s upstairs, Reed says. Victor’s about to go check on him when JT rushes in with a tray of appetizers to tide the kids over.

As Charlie hovers, Abby calls it a day when Dina asks when John will be home. That was fun, she hopes they can do it again. We will, Abby promises with a hug.

Thanked for a great evening, Victor and Nikki are left to chat about JT. Nikki finds him controlling and snidely claims to understand why Victor doesn’t share her concern. When he goes upstairs, she wastes no time sending Arturo a text – you free?

Sharon comes home to find a bare-chested Nick rooting through a laundry basket. As he puts a t-shirt on, she turns her back to hide the fact that she’s drooling. Oblivous, Nick wonders if she’s upset to hear that he confronted Arturo.

Bumping into Charlie at CL’s, Hilary asks him to be her personal intern. It’ll be a worthwhile learning experience – Whaddaya say?

Alone in the office, Lily poses as Hilary’s assistant to call her OB/GYN to cancel her appointment – she won’t be going through with the insemination at all.

Sharon’s just hoping that Nick hasn’t ruined his working relationship with Arturo – he might be a good contact. You and Christian will one day want your own place, she hints. You’ll want your own space eventually. Yes, eventually, Nick agrees but is puzzled when Sharon stammers and stumbles out of the room.

Now home, JT scolds Vikki for talking about business over dinner. Other than that, the night went well. Vikki hopes so – she really wants to work things out with her Dad. JT thinks tonight will pay off for Victor in the long run.

In his home office, Victor’s on his tablet – watching a video taken of JT accessing his safe (taken from a camera hidden in the back of the safe) Hmmm, he ponders with a frown.

Next: JT and Vikki’s relationship takes an unexpected turn …. Devon and Hilary reach an agreement … Victor sets a trap.