Tuesday, March 27th

As Phyllis and Billy are reconnecting with Raul and Brit, JT arrives to watch from the bar. He’s trying to escape when Brit spots him and runs over for a hug. He’s not in town for the reunion – and not with Mac. Brit’s sorry to hear about their divorce and insists he join them at the party. Begging off, JT tells Brit she looks great and reluctantly leaves.

You couldn’t bring yourself to try to defend me? Jack’s disappointed. Ashley wasn’t trying to incriminate Jack – but how does she know he’s not responsible? You despise Victor. You were in a dark mood. Why would I call 911 and wait for the police to get there if I’m the one who attacked him?! Jack knows his sister is eager to fill in for Victor as CEO. Vikki’s already stepping in, Ashley gripes. Jack scoffs – don’t whine about how Vikki can’t be trusted – neither can YOU be.

Vikki wouldn’t ask her Mom to lie if the stakes weren’t so high. JT will go along with it. Abby won’t but no one will believe her. Whether Ashley or I sit in Dad’s chair is up to you. OK, Nikki will do what Vikki asks. Thanks Mom {hug}

Guests are beginning to arrive at Top of The Tower for Walnut Grove’s centennial reunion. The twins tell their parents that they don’t have to hover at the welcome table – we’ve got this. When JT arrives, he’s not on the list but Lily will personally vouch for him. JT then goes over to join Brit and Raul (as Billy and Phyllis move on) and is stunned to hear that they got married (they ran into one another a year after Raul and Mac broke up) Brit’s a partner in a law firm and Raul’s adopted her son (a freshman in Harvard) JT also reconnected with his true love – he and Vikki are engaged, he’s head of Newman security and couldn’t be happier. Across the room, Lily and Cane are surprised when Mac arrives; she changed her mind at the last minute.

Mac hugs the twins – she’s so proud to have had a part in bringing them into the world. She’s left chatting with the Ashby’s when JT marches over blast her for trying to keep his kids from him. Mac’s not trying to spoil his evening. Let’s avoid each other. We can talk – but not here, not now. After Mac walks off, JT whines to Cane that he misses his kids. Find a way to make peace if you want joint custody, Cane advises.

Mac never expected Phyllis and Billy to get together. Phyllis never expected Mac and JT to break up – why do you want to keep his children from him? I have good reason, Mac says cautiously. Billy’s sure she does.

Jack drops by Vikki’s to insist that the only time he laid hands on Victor was to check his pulse before calling for help. Vikki whines about Ashley using her Father’s condition to try to take over (by saying I was demoted beneath her) Having heard about the demotion days ago, Jack hints that Vikki’s the one who’s lying – but he needs her help (so who cares)

Paul drops by the ranch to ask Nikki where she was when Victor was attacked. Stammering, Nikki claims that she takes a suite at the club for convenience, she didn’t have a fight with Victor. Paul’s investigating a serious crime. OK, I was with a man, but it’s not cheating – she and Victor have an arrangement. Nikki doesn’t want to name the man she was with. Paul insists she must.

Abby thanks Jill for coming back to the Abbott mansion (and aside, tells Ashley that she hopes Jill can provide some insight into what Dina was up to way back then)

Abby and Ashley tell Jill that they’re trying to separate fact from fiction; specifically, about Dina’s affairs. According to Kay, Dina boasted about numerous conquests, Jill reports; she’s sorry – knowing it’s not something a daughter and granddaughter want to hear.

With Victor’s attacker still on the loose, Paul wants to post some officers outside. To protect me or keep an eye on me? Nikki reluctantly admits that she was with Arturo the contractor. The arrangement between her and Victor works. Any more questions? Yes, Paul needs to ask Nikki about Jack.