Wednesday, March 28th

Hilary’s reporting live from this ‘glittering’ Walnut Grove centennial; an alumni reunion. A blast from the past can change just about anything, she teases.

Kyle had to come see for himself – he didn’t think anyone could take down the great Victor Newman. Maybe you’re faking. Maybe not, he snaps his fingers in front of Victor’s closed eyes. You better wake up soon or you’ll miss all the fun.

Ashley and Abby agree that testing Jack’s DNA is the way to go. Despite what he’s done to her, Ashley doesn’t want to put Jack through any unnecessary agony. On cue, Jack comes home to blast Ashley and Abby; are you discussing Dina’s infidelities? Why would you ask Jill of all people about Mother’s extramarital adventures?

At Top of the Tower, Mac doesn’t agree with JT’s ridiculous oversimplification that he’s a bad influence on his kids. Vikki reassures JT that he’s a good Father, fantastic in fact. Mac had complete faith in JT until… is that an engagement ring? she warns Vikki not to make the same mistake she made.

Abby resents Jack’s opinion that Dina’s recorded memoirs are turning into a salacious confessional. Jack resents them asking if he’s discouraging Dina confiding things she wouldn’t if she were ‘all there’. Ashley tells Jack that he can’t imagine what she’s done to protect him and this family (which of course, puzzles Jack)

Mac denies she’s trying to sabotage JT’s life or derail his relationship with ‘the woman he loves’. She has no agenda but thinks this (the engagement?) is a disaster in the making. Let’s go, JT leads Vikki away by the hand.

Hilary thanks Billy and Phyllis for doing a quick interview, then shoos Billy off to tell Phyllis that she might be pregnant – tomorrow, thanks to Devon. Phyllis gives her pal a congratulatory hug and plans to throw the best baby shower. The guest list will be short, Hilary says as she looks over at Lily.

Lily and Cane gripe about Hilary being at a reunion for a school she didn’t attend. Noting that there’s an open bar, Lily says she’d do just about anything to stop Hilary from having Devon’s baby.

For Hilary’s camera, Billy and Brit praise Billy as they reflect on their past. They won’t reveal what trouble they go into as kids but both are eager for Brit to sing – she’s ready to go acapella. Hilary escapes to chase Vikki and JT down for a quick soundbite. ‘No’ – that quick enough for you? Vikki snaps. ‘Cut!’, Hilary gestures at her cameraman.

Wow – look at you, Paul’s impressed when Chris arrives at his office to discuss the attack on Victor. Since he gave the entire staff the night off, Chris wonders if Victor had a secret meeting with whoever put him in a coma. We need to rattle cages. Go enjoy the reunion, Paul sends Chris off (to stand in for the mayor who’s out of town)

Jack, Abby and Ashley gush over how beautiful Traci looks; she’ll be giving a speech at the centennial and announcing a scholarship to honour Colleen. The car will be here in 5 minutes, Jack announces (as he’s escorting Traci) Abby and Ashley will be getting the sample they need and hope for two sets of good news at the hospital (presumably Jack and Victor)