Tuesday, March 27th

Mac thinks it great that Raul and Brit are together. Of course we can be friends (though Brit doesn’t look as enthused as Raul) JT comes over to demand a word with Mac. Why do you want sole custody of DJ and Becka? Mac would rather they have no Father than a bad Father. Across the room, Billy can see that Mac needs backup.

Stepping away from Jack, Vikki takes a call from Billy – did you know that JT’s at the Walnut Grove reunion? Mac’s here too, he adds that it’s not going well. You should come pick up your man, now.

Abby and Ashley are left to debate what little Jill told them. It’s only a matter of time before Dina blurts something out to Jack. Ashley hopes to have proof by then that Dina’s wrong – and the only way to get it is to test Jack’s DNA.

Back at the club’s bar, Jill updates Jack that Abby and Ashley had her over to the house to ask her about Dina’s affairs. Jack’s had a rough week. He’ll be there for his Mother but since bringing her home his life has unravelled. Gulping his drink, he has no idea how much worse things will get.

Nikki sees nothing different with this most recent tiff between Victor and Jack. He rubs salt in Jack’s wound as usual. But yes, she believes Jack came over to apologize. If it wasn’t Jack, who else had motive to come after Victor that night? Paul asks.

You have impossible standards that no one can live up to. Mac disagrees – she feels good about herself without JT controlling and criticizing her. It’s not my fault you have low self-esteem, JT snaps – you have no rights to take my kids away from me. That’s exactly what Mac sill do. Vikki pops up between the two to ask what’s going on?

A man wearing a pair of leather shoes walk into Victor’s room.

Next: Jack is backed into a corner …. Traci honours Colleen’s memory … Victoria receives a chilling warning.

My Thoughts: Wait – so because Victor’s in a coma, Paul and the feds are calling off their investigation into global price fixing? Why wouldn’t Paul consider that Victor’s involvement in price fixing has something to do with him being attacked. And given how many times people have come out of comas, Victor could come out of his before the file on global fixing even gathers a thin layer of dust. Perhaps Victor knows the investigation will be dropped if only he pretends to be asleep for a while …. I guess Raul and Brit were surprised to find that Billy’s with Phyllis. He was one of the stars of the summer Glo by Jabot House and she was the much older web designer. That said, Raul and Brit must be very busy to have missed all the press surrounding Billy’s exploits…. Brit’s attire seems to prove that you can take the girl out of the strip joint but you can’t take the strip joint out of the girl Good to see them again – they all look great …. As Kevin mentioned last time he popped up in GC, his old job hasn’t been filled and would be perfect for JT. Why would Paul only hire JT as a favour? Doesn’t the department need an in-house IT/hacker?