Thursday, March 29th

This spoiler is late due to two random but unrelated issues. I had a funeral yesterday and didn’t get back til late last night. Also, as luck would have it, the site is experiencing tech difficulties (which Lyndsay is currently working on)

Astonished that Victor’s opening his eyes, Ashley updates on where he is and why – who did this to you?

Posing for menacing mugshots, Jack’s met by Billy and Mike when Paul escorts him through the station to show off the bagged hard drive found at Jack’s house.

How did a hard driving containing classified NE information end up in YOUR home office? Paul asks Jack. Mike chimes in to say that his client will invoke his right to remain silent. That’s one way to go – but consider your net move carefully, Paul warns Jack.

Victoria… tell her….. Victor mumbles. Tell her what? As the monitors beep frantically, Ashley rushes into the hallway shouting for a doctor.

A dishevelled Jack awakens on the hard bunk of a jail cell.

In the lounge, Ashley updates Abby and the Newmans that Victor was weak but awake when the monitors went off. Nikki updates that she’s authorized a procedure to relieve pressure. Ashley tells Vikki that Victor had something to tell her (JT looks nervous)

At the club, Billy takes exception to Kyle joking about his Dad’s arrest while expressing sympathy for (and communicating with) Victor. Informing that ‘Lurch’ is n surgery, Billy casually says ‘things happen’. Careful what you wish for, Kyle warns.

Tessa, Mariah and Devon aren’t impressed that Hilary’s 45 minutes late. Nobody really wants to talk about the baby contract. When Hilary races in demanding coffee, she assures Devon that she wouldn’t miss her IVI appointment for the world.

The Ashby’s are at the club scheming against Hilary. We have to keep her away from the doctor for another month (hoping Devon will change his mind) The ‘superheroes’ vow to save the day.