Friday, March 30

I love you too Mom, Vikki ends her call and updates JT that the medication hasn’t stopped Victor’s infection yet. JT encourages Vikki to take care of herself – they’ll celebrate their engagement later tonight. Vikki doesn’t think that a good idea.

Billy and Phyllis visit Jack – both know he didn’t do it. Paul better find the real culprit before Phyllis does.

At the Abbott mansion, Abby and Ashley are reeling with the news that Jack isn’t John Abbott’s biological son either. What do we do with that fact?

Devon awakens in bed beside Hilary. Morning, she purrs; posed on pillows to smile down at him.

In Devon’s office, Mariah makes it clear that she disapproves of Lily locking Hilary in the office so she’d miss her appointment. Hilary might just make a good Mother. Lily doesn’t care if Hilary has kids – just not with Devon. You don’t think he and Hilary have a connection? Mariah certainly does. Lily does NOT.

Devon’s sorry he fell asleep. It’s OK – it was a crazy day; and an even crazier night, Hilary’s glowing. Devon doesn’t want to give her the wrong impression. Hilary opens the door so a waiter can wheel in a healthy breakfast (which she’s happy to share)

On the CL’s patio, Sharon scolds Nick – you need more than coffee – you need rest, food. Nick feels like a fake – his Father probably wouldn’t even want him at the hospital. Oh, and he hasn’t forgotten he needs to find a place to stay. Sharon insists there’s no rush and goes to fetch him something to eat.

Vikki can’t celebrate while her Father’s fighting for his life. OK, we can tell the kids here, JT wants to give them something to look forward to. You’re not even divorced yet, Vikki reminds. JT thinks he has a way to resolve that.

The DNA results proving that Jack is not John’s biological son, Ashley now wishes they hadn’t done it. Jack’s Father could be anyone. We can’t take anything Dina says at face value. Ashley knows this will crush Jack – he’s always looked up to John so much. Now what? she and Abby wonder. Do we tell Jack or keep it a secret forever?

Back at the station, Jack tells Billy and Phyllis that Kyle was here – but he’s not on my side. Jack feels he’s losing his whole family; Dina, Ashley, now Kyle.

Ashley hates that she knows this. Abby basically thinks it karma for Jack adding a ‘blood-only’ clause. Ashley can’t do what Jack did to her – how can we tell him that we don’t even know who his Father is? This will affect everyone, Traci, Billy, Kyle.

Phyllis believes that Paul will realize Jack’s innocent. In the meantime, she’ll look into it herself. Billy thinks they should hire investigators instead. Phyllis isn’t afraid and won’t let anyone get away with doing this to Jack.

At the club with Mac, JT offers to give her full custody – as long as he gets visitation. With supervision only, Mac insists. JT hopes in time she’ll change her mind (so agrees) Mac has one more thing to settle before she signs.

Hilary will have to switch to decaf soon. Also still in bed, Devon thinks he should text Lily. At the office, Lily gets his text and blurts out ‘Devon’s running late’. Mariah gets a text that says Hilary is too. Lily looks alarmed.

Mac never thought she’d fall into the trap of an abusive relationship. She must do the right thing and tell Vikki. Why are you in such a rush to marry her? JT won’t play bad guy to Mac’s victim. He and Vikki have a healthy relationship. You’re spinning out of control. What did I do that was abusive? Mac lists JT’s criticism, how he chipped away at her confidence. Mac worries about Vikki. She’s smart and beautiful – we belong together, JT insists. Fine, Mac will sign the papers when they’re ready.

Abby and Ashley rejoin Vikki and spot the engagement ring. Changing the subject, Vikki talks about Jack’s arrest. It’s clear he’s nothing like his Father. Abby and Ashley exchange a knowing look.

At the club, Billy ends a call with his investigator then tries to get Phyllis to back off on protecting yet another ex. When Phyllis reminds that Billy’s always commenting on JT and Vikki moving too fast, Billy clinks her glass ‘touche’

I didn’t do this to your Father, Jack says when Abby visits (with Ashley) People get convicted on circumstantial evidence every day, he worries – and regrets drinking and caving into impulse. Oh so many regrets – Dad would be so disappointed in me.

As Sharon fusses over Nick, Mac comes along hoping to hear that Victor’s condition has improved. Sharon suggests he go to the gym instead of back to the hospital. After Nick leaves, Mac learns that Sharon’s just helping him through a rough patch. Are you close to Vikki? Mac asks – she’s torn on whether to say anything but hearing that Sharon’s basically a therapist, tells her that JT was emotionally abusive and worries he’s doing the same to Vikki. On cue, Vikki appears to suggest Mac get home to her children. Good luck, Mac says – she truly hopes things go well for Vikki.

When Nick comes through the revolving door, he reports no change in Victor’s condition – yet. He thanks JT for being there for Vikki; she needs you to lean on but is too tough to admit it, JT’s confident he won’t mess things up this time. Oh, I know that, Nick jokes that he’ll run him out of town if so.

No, I don’t want to talk about it, Vikki snaps at Sharon (who sits anyway to share Mac’s concerns) Vikki would never let a man emotionally abuse her. Sharon’s concerned – JT refused to think about getting help. But you can. She hands over a card for a counselor. Advocate for what you deserve. After Sharon gets back to work, Vikki picks up the card.

At HWG, Lily worries that Hilary managed to reschedule her appointment and is being inseminated right now. Calling the doctor, Lily learns that Hilary hasn’t rebooked and tells the disinterested Mariah that she should be glad she’s keeping Devon away from that shrew.

Still in bed, Hilary’s excited – I could be pregnant, right this second! What a great kid our genetics will create, she blathers on to Devon. Our child will feel loved every single day.

As Devon gets dressed, Hilary thanks him – your support means a lot to me (maybe ‘us’) If it didn’t work, she’ll make an appointment next month. Hearing that today is still a possibility, Devon thinks they should double their chances (and is soon back in bed with Hilary)

Back at the house with Abby, Ashley decides that as long as Jack’s in jail, she won’t tell him the DNA results.

Still at the club, Phyllis and Billy bicker about their exes then decide to save the passion for each other ~kiss~

Vikki hides the card in her purse when JT comes home to announce that Mac’s agreed to sign the divorce papers – let’s grab a calendar and set a date. I can’t marry you, Vikki says quietly but firmly.