Monday, April 2nd

Hilary interrupts regularly scheduled programming to take her viewers live to Victor’s press conference – where he announces his partnership with Kyle Abbott. Jack barrels through the club’s revolving door and mocked by both men, shoots Victor. Alas, it’s only a nightmare. Jack awakens in his cell gasping for breath.
Ashley’s fumbling in her purse for keys when Kyle opens the door to Jack’s office. Aunt Ashley – what a pleasant surprise – make yourself at home, Kyle overdoes it (and gets stinkeye from Ashley)
Busy at HWG before her trip to New York, Lily’s sent the twins off on their missions when Hilary arrives to waste little time boasting that she and Devon have been busy conceiving a baby.
At home, Vikki doesn’t see a need to get married when things are going so well for her and JT (who notes that she was onboard yesterday – what’s changed?)
I missed you so much, Nikki coos at Victor’s bedside. In his head, Victor speaks – all that matters is that his beloved Nikki is at his side. Mom? Nick comes in to wonder where she wandered off to. I was right here, Nikki again gazes adoringly at Victor (eyes open but still on a breathing machine)
Kyle finds it weird being in his Dad’s office having a drink – let’s toast to him being cleared of these charges. Nice to know you care, Ashley chides Kyle (who reminds that he, at least, still works for Jabot) Ashley still holds a seat on Jabot’s board and will now take over for Jack. That’s what Kyle’s here for – no one but an Abbott can run Jabot.

At home, JT doesn’t think Vikki’s thinking straight. Shrugging off Victor’s condition, he tries to railroad her – it’s the perfect time. Please, listen – don’t discount what I’m saying because it’s not what you want to hear, Vikki stands firm. JT needs more of an explanation – then maybe he’ll agree to put off the wedding. Yeah, well, that’s not how it works – Vikki doesn’t need JT’s permission to postpone the wedding.
Sashaying in front of Lily’s desk, Hilary calls to book an appointment for a pregnancy test. Did I mention how much I enjoyed getting busy last night? And that exhausting night is all thanks to Lily. After Hilary goes for some decaf, Devon arrives to scold Lily. She wonders what makes Devon angrier; her locking Hilary in the office or Hilary making sure everyone knows they were in bed ‘all night’ last night.
In the waiting room, Nikki whines to Nick that Victor’s too weak to fight this infection. The doctors are on top of this, Nick’s more worried that his Mom’s not eating or sleeping. Arturo and everything Dad’s done is irrelevant now – we need to find out who did this (Nick doesn’t believe it’s Jack) Now Nikki suddenly needs to be somewhere she won’t disclose.