Monday, April 2nd

Did I miss anything? Kyle asks. In Jack’s chair, Ashley reads from a tablet and grudgingly impressed – this is exactly what she’d do as CEO. She’s still suspicious about why Kyle’s back. He’s at Jabot to take over for his Dad because he’s a blood Abbott (who can’t see Traci or Billy ‘stepping up’) Asked about his relationship with Jack, Kyle admits it’s tense. He understands Ashley’s reservations but yes, he’s committed to making this work.
With Vikki determined to get to the hospital, JT complains that it’s her way or no way. Vikki clarifies – we’re equal partners, right? Neither of us can force the other into something. We’re in agreement. Yes, but we agreed to get married, JT reminds. Vikki loves JT. Yes, he loves her too – but wonders if Mac’s behind this change of heart. Nope – Vikki has her own mind.
Vikki comes down to tell JT that Hannah’s here with the kids if he wants to go out. JT seems surprised that she’s leaving. Vikki sometimes feels like only JT’s opinion counts – you’re dismissive and critical. JT admits he can be pushy – but he’s only trying to make Vikki happy. When he again tries to blame Mac, Vikki reiterates – this is you and me, we’ll talk about this later. JT’s left to scowl for a nanosecond before heading out.
Jack’s surprised to get a visit from Nikki. She agrees – since she’s the wife of the man he’s accused of trying to kill. Yet, here I am.
Why did you tell my sister that we had sex? Devon quietly asks Hilary. Lily was being smug – Hilary wanted her to know that they’re making a baby despite her efforts to stop it. Devon makes it clear that they won’t do ‘it’ again – this is OUR business. When Hilary goes to answer her phone, Lily crosses the office to announce that she’s done – Devon made his bed and now he can sleep in it. He doesn’t think that his or Hilary’s fault – Lily and her scheming are to blame.
Mac’s about to wheel her luggage out when JT arrives at the club. She’d rather not talk bit he insists – Mac had time to talk to Vikki and now she’ll do the same for him.
Annoyed that Lily won’t release the twins to do her bidding, Hilary’s surprised when Simone drops by HWG looking for Devon. You should really make an appointment, Hilary remarks. Lily suddenly frees up the twins to help Hilary and is left to offer Simone a modeling job. Devon will be very happy about you spending more time here, she’s sure.

Nick bumps into Vikki in the hospital hallway; Mom’s not answering her phone. He just got an update from the doctor – it’s worse than we thought.
When Kyle shows up at GC Buzz, Mariah hopes ‘snowflake’ isn’t on her way back too. Kyle hasn’t heard from Summer – you and Kevin? We’re pals – he moved to Oregon. Kyle’s at the station to check on Jabot’s contracts (and show interest in Mariah; who reminds that they don’t like each other.
Of course Jack’s denying attacking Victor – because he didn’t do it. Why did you come back to the ranch after the altercation? Nikki has to ask. Jack wishes he hadn’t – but I’M the one who tried to save Victor, he reminds. Jack’s hated Victor for years but did NOT push him down the stairs. He sure wishes he knew who did.
Seated at the club, JT lambastes Mac; who claims she’s not vindictive – she wants things to go well for him and Vikki. Mac’s about to leave when JT grabs her hand then releases it. Why are you trying to convince Vikki that I’m a monster? Mac tears up – you’re no monster, but things that you did …….
At HWG, Lily arranges for Simone to work out the details with Devon over dinner while she’s away. When Devon excuses himself to take a call, Lily tells Simone that her brother seems smitten (which delights Simone) When Hilary returns with the twins, Lily taunts her – Simone will make a good addition to the HWG team.