Tuesday, April 3rd

Things are professional between Nikki and Arturo during their brief meeting at the club with Nick. Seconds after Arturo leaves with his instructions for the day, Nikki gets a text that sends her and Nick rushing to the hospital.

Reading an article on Jack’s arrest, JT quickly puts the tablet away when Vikki comes down to announce that they have a meeting with the relationship counsellor in an hour (a bit too soon for JT’s liking but he’s ‘all in’) Getting a text from her Mom, Vikki will drop by GCM then meet JT at the doctor’s office.

After taking copious notes for her new boss, Gloria’s told to order a new nameplate for the door. She doesn’t think that necessary – her brilliant lawyer son will have Jack back behind his desk soon. I’m CEO and when I ask you to do something, I expect it to be done, Kyle responds.

Abby’s at the Abbott mansion to worry about Kyle making bad decisions at Jabot (and remind Ashley that neither he or Jack are blood Abbotts) Ashley can’t do much except monitor Kyle’s activities. Dina appears to snap that there’s no milk for her morning coffee – when does the milkman come? We’re trying something new – cartons, Ashley says. Dina doesn’t like the job Ashley’s doing while John’s away. When he gets back, Dina intends to tell John what she’s done (which puzzles both Abby and her Mother)

Hilary floats into HWG on a cloud – oh what a beautiful spring day, she beams at Devon. He’s got baby on the brain too. Look at this research – it’ll take a while before we know if you’re pregnant. Hilary’s instantly stressed but tries not to cry – ignore my hormones. Encouraged to confide, Hilary tells Devon that she’d rather their baby was conceived in bed – together – than in a lab. Feel better? Devon asks but returns to his desk without saying anything else to comfort Hilary.

Shortly after Billy arrives at the house, Abby leaves for work. Ashley mentions snapping at her Mother but the reason she called Billy over is Kyle – he’s taken over the CEO chair (which could be bad if he’s working with Victor and holding a grudge against Jack) She then pitches her idea that Billy step in (an idea he’s not completely sold on)

Nick, Vikki and Abby now in Victor’s room, Nikki updates that he’s in septic shock. The longer he’s unconscious the less chance he’ll wake up (and/or have any quality of life) Mike’s checked – Victor doesn’t have a living will so it’s up to Nikki (who’s asking the kids for input) Vikki knows her Father wouldn’t want to live as a shell of himself. Abby accuses her of wanting to take over NE. Ignoring Abby’s comments, Vikki has to go – she’ll run things as Dad would want her to and will support whatever decision Nikki makes (but hopes it doesn’t come to that) Nick and Abby are left to watch Nikki sob over Victor.

Kyle and Gloria butt heads at the office. She doesn’t appreciate him taking over and he quickly sees where her loyalties lie. Not with you kiddo, she smirks. You’ve given me no other choice, Kyle says – you’re fired.