Monday, April 2nd

Their talk over, JT and Mac now seem on friendlier terms. Again in tears, Mac encourages him to make things work with Vikki. JT vows to be different this time. Good bye, Mac leaves her ex to heave a sigh and see Victor on the front page of the newspaper.
Victor has sepsis?! People can die from that! Nikki’s horrified by the update she gets when rejoining Nick (and Vikki) at the hospital.
Still at the station, Kyle and Mariah catch up. He might stick around GC long term. Your Dad will love that, Mariah’s sure (Kyle doesn’t look so sure)
When Ashley visits Jack, he’s moved by her support but alarmed to hear that Kyle’s ‘stepping up’ – he’s already started handling things. Jack’s reaction isn’t what Ashley expected. This is my nightmare! He needs Ashley to make sure Kyle doesn’t take over at Jabot.
JT stalks into Victor’s room to stand over him.
When did you get here? a surprised Vikki leads JT out of her Dad’s room. He came to make amends with Vikki; he now realizes he’s been judgmental and critical and is OK with slowing down the wedding – whatever Vikki needs. She appreciates that but needs JT to accept one condition that will benefit them both – we need to see a relationship counsellor.
Jack rants n raves to Ashley about Kyle having it out for him (for a variety of reasons) Victor’s turned my own son against me! Ashley immediately believes Jack – what are you thinking? Together, we must find a way to stop my son, Jack insists (as, across town at Jabot, Kyle looks comfy behind his Dad’s desk)
Nick and his Mom return from speaking to the doctors. There’s no guarantee. Oh how will Nikki cope? Boo hoo, What will I do? she sobs in Nick and Vikki’s arms while JT looks in at Victor in bed.

Next: Abby meets a handsome stranger … Kyle makes himself at home …. a mystery woman visits Victor.
My Thoughts: Hilary’s telling ‘everyone’, Lily complains to Devon – though she’s the only person Hilary’s told (not that she won’t as soon as she gets the chance) … I’ve never liked the character of Kyle. I don’t think he’s ever been a fan favourite no matter who’s playing the role. I don’t expect him to be sticking around this time either and can only hope he doesn’t get involved with Mariah. That said, why wasn’t Ashley happier to see Kyle? He did vote against his Dad to support her being CEO. Odd that she didn’t defend Victor either… Last but not least in this ‘what the hell is she thinking?’ episode. Nikki – are you kidding? How will she cope? Likely between the sheets with Arturo or whoever else she decides to have a ‘discreet’ (at the busiest place in town) fling.