Tuesday, April 3rd

Nick expects his stubborn Dad to come out of this. Nikki’s inclined to agree with Vikki – Victor would not want to live like this. We must do what’s best for HIM.

In the counsellors’ office, Vikki explains that this is her and JT’s second go at this – she wants to avoid small problems becoming bigger ones. JT’s ex, Mac, told her that JT was emotionally abusive. JT gives his version – Mac’s bitter, going for full custody and is now stooping so low as to try ending his relationship with Vikki.

JT loves Vikki – he also wants to get it right this time. What caused their breakup last time? JT talks about the dynamic of the Newman family. Vikki explains that her Father is a ‘strong presence’ in her life – JT felt I chose him over us. It contributed to the breakup – then I cheated on JT. The counsellor points out that neither of them is addressing why Mac’s words lead Vikki to feel the need for counselling.

At Victor’s bedside, Nikki talks through her sobbing. Nick knows how strong you are – he knows you’ll come back to us. But what if you’re already gone? What do I do? she sobs some more.

Devon and Simone are seated at the club. Lily wants you to have a bigger role at HWG – you made a big impact on her, Devon praises. Just her? What about you? Simone asks. Simone now realizes that Lily might have gone a bit overboard trying to play matchmaker. Lily has an agenda, Devon admits – but he was distracted, not disinterested in Simone. Distracted by what? Simone asks then quickly decides it doesn’t matter. As they then bond over something they have in common; music, Hilary comes through the revolving door and glares at the pair.

When Simone excuses herself from the table, Hilary comes over to say that she didn’t know Devon was still seeing her. Oh? She doesn’t know that we’re trying to conceive a baby? There’s nothing to tell yet, Devon points out. You did have sex with your ex-wife, Hilary reminds but promises not to say a word. Returning in time to overhear, Simone asks Devon what Hilary won’t say a word about. It’s always the Hilary Hour, Devon sighs – she finds trouble where there is none.

Kyle drops by the Abbott mansion to chat with Ashley. Hearing that she visited Jack, Kyle admits that he unloaded on his Dad – but it was about YOU (and how Jack mistreated Ashley to the point that Jabot lost her) I’m not hanging out with Victor – he’s fighting for his life, Kyle adds that his Dad’s spouting conspiracy theories; he’s paranoid. Or perceptive, Ashley’s not convinced. Kyle loves his Dad – he’s just trying to protect his family and Jabot. Dina suddenly comes in reading a tablet – John’s been arrested for trying to kill someone again!

Mac’s words hit close to home, Vikki admits – JT CAN be critical. If I’m angry, he says I’m too sensitive or overreacting. JT speaks up – we’re two strong, opinionated people. Have things ever gotten physical? the counselor asks. Not really, JT claims. Yes, Vikki whispers.

It’s semantics, JT explains that he and Vikki have rough makeup sex. Vikki agrees. But the counsellor is asking about anger. Vikki tells the story of JT grabbing her wrist – she got angry and slapped him. Then what? He grabbed me. Where? Vikki touches her neck and says she was scared. JT admits he was angry. He punched the wall next to my face. JT hurt his hand – he’d never hit Vikki. We both got carried away. Vikki takes her share of the blame – she’s slapped JT before. Both now want to change. The counsellor can’t answer whether they should postpone the wedding but would like to set another appointment. We’re in this together, both claim (though JT doesn’t look enthused)