Wednesday, April 4th

Kyle’s again visiting his Dad – this time, supposedly, to put his mind at ease (about him running Jabot)

Heading off to work soon, Phyllis rants about Kyle sitting in the big chair, making big decisions – probably hoping Jack never comes back. Bottom line; she’s no fan of Kyle’s and doesn’t look forward to working for him. Billy has an idea – he’ll step in and run Jabot.

JT’s presents Vikki with a cup of coffee and some ass kissing. She just wants him to be honest with her, the way she is with him. Are we good? JT’s now unsure. We’re fine, Vikki lies; frowning as she walks off to fumble in her purse.

At CL’s, Sharon encourages Nick to lean on her (knowing he’s being strong for Nikki and Faith) You don’t have to handle this on your own. Nick CAN handle this on his own and marches off refusing to talk about it.

We both want what’s best for Jabot, Kyle boasts of being a soldier for the company in New York and now wants to bring new technology to Jabot (something he saw Jack was interested in when going through his files) Don’t get too comfy in my chair, Jack cautions. Kyle hopes his Dad is released soon but in the meantime will act in his place.

Billy has decided that stepping in at Jabot is the right thing to do. Things will change. No more elevator sex? No. more elevator sex. Phyllis is onboard ~kiss~

Nick apologizes for taking his stress out on Sharon. She’s sorry she pushed and again offering support, watches as Nick leaves.

JT wants to take care of Vikki – and spend the day making wedding plans. Agreeing, Vikki’s met with slight resistance when she announces that she first wants to visit her Dad. You forgot something (JT walks over to give Vikki a kiss goodbye) Once outside, Vikki makes a call – can we meet? As soon as possible.

Phyllis visits Jack with good news – there’s a plan in motion to remove Kyle. Jack doubts that – Kyle knows what he wants and is determined to get it. Jack admits he was just as smug and entitled at Kyle’s age. Phyllis is sure Jack will be released soon – she, Billy and Mike are all working hard on his behalf. Jack asks Phyllis to relay a message to Nick – I didn’t do it. I want to be part of the housing project (aptly named ‘New Hope’)

Having been summoned to the apartment, Ashley’s thrilled that Billy’s agreed to step in as temporary CEO. She’ll call a board meeting. In the meantime, Abby will go keep an eye on Kyle (while Ashley rallies the troops) Billy has one more thing to do before he takes the plunge.

In the counsellor’s office, Vikki confides that her head’s been spinning since yesterday. She has no time for a ‘journey’ with kids and extended family to consider. What is Vikki afraid of? Getting it all wrong – like with Billy (who never tried to control her) And JT is? Not all the time but Vikki has no idea why she puts up with it.