Tuesday, April 3rd

Have the car brought around! Dina must go tell John the truth. Kyle finally chimes in – John loves you very much. The truth would hurt him. Sometimes it’s best to keep a secret. Who are you? Dina asks. John’s cousin, Kyle – he’s been in New York but is here to help now. Dina’s charmed.

Your cousin Kyle just fired me – and YOU need to make it right, Gloria accosts Abby at the club’s bar. Jack will decimate you when he finds out you didn’t protect his loyal assistant, she says before sashaying off. Having not said a word, Abby’s left to weep quietly – and is handed a napkin by Arturo.

At the bar, Abby and Arturo introduce themselves. She assumes his reaction to her last name is due to her recent kidnapping and scandal in the news. No, Arturo’s working with Nick and Nikki. He hopes her Father recovers. My Dad was always invincible, Abby’s terrified he won’t bounce back this time. Arturo understands.

Nikki’s never been happier with Victor – we became friends. Kissing his forehead, Nikki pauses before leaving to whimper a ‘thank you’.

Now home, JT thinks Vikki needs something to hold onto – me – be certain of me ~hug~ We’re so good together – we don’t need a counsellor.

After settling Dina in upstairs, Ashley softens a bit towards Kyle but won’t go so far as saying she trusts that he only has the family’s best interests at heart. Oh, full disclosure – I fired Gloria, Kyle announces. Jack won’t like that but Ashley has no problem with it. But it doesn’t seem the move of a temporary CEO, she notes. We have to be prepared for anything, Kyle says casually.

In Victor’s room, we see that he has a visitor; a woman with long, brown hair sits in a chair watching him.

Next: Nick and Sharon have a falling out….. Phyllis gives Jack some tough love….. Vikki takes a step in the right direction.

My Thoughts: Again Nikki with the waterworks. Arturo needs to bring his toolbelt and fix her leaky faucet. It was only a matter of time before Abby and Arturo encountered one another again. Odd that she’d think he’d know about her recent kidnapping but not that she had a TV show called the Naked Heiress … Since Gloria’s son is such a brilliant attorney, she shouldn’t have a hard time suing Kyle/Jabot for wrongful termination. What does she expect Abby to do? She doesn’t even work at Jabot…. Isn’t it a conflict of interest for Ashley to work at NE while being on Jabot’s board of directors? … If Kyle’s there for the family, why isn’t he staying at the Abbott family home? … I don’t recall Vikki getting in one slap, never mind two when she was fighting with JT last week. He brought her in so close she couldn’t have gotten a good swing in.