Wednesday, April 4th

Billy’s now summoned Cane to announce that he’s taking over for Jack at Jabot. Do what you have to do for your family, Cane’s sure they can struggle along at CI without him. Thanks and good luck, Cane shakes Billy’s hand and leaves. Ashley reappears – are you ready to do this?

Abby chats with Kyle in Jack’s office. After a chuckle about Gloria being fired, Kyle wonders if Jack or Ashley asked her to check in on him. No – Abby missed Kyle; you drifted away from all of us – except Victor. You didn’t answer my texts – what’s the big secret? Kyle assures Abby that his relationship with Victor has nothing to do with her; no one’s squeezing you out. Abby has a hard time believing that.

Vikki assures the counsellor that her Father will wake up – he came from nothing to create an empire – for his family. JT’s nothing like my Father. He’s controlling but it’s different – he means well; it’s who he is. He’s never accepted any man I’ve been with, including JT. She now has to wonder if her Dad’s right – especially after the other day. Touching her throat, Vikki whispers – I just don’t know.

At the club, Phyllis appeals to Nick on Jack’s behalf. Nick has a lot of questions about that night. Phyllis knows it wasn’t Jack and hopes Victor will wake up to tell them just that. Nick’s not in the mood for jokes – I may lose my Father.

JT visits Jack – I have things I need to say to you.

Vikki talks about how much fun it was reconnecting with JT – he makes me feel like the only woman in the whole world. I thought it was meant to be. Then, things changed. Was it me? Him? How can he tell me he loves me then act as if he doesn’t even like me? How can we be so passionate if everything else is falling apart? Vikki feels like she’s walking on eggshells. The counsellor notices that she’s fiddling with her ring. I hid bruises, Vikki blurts out – I’m not the kind of woman who does that – JT’s not the kind of man who does that. This isn’t who we are. It must get better. What if things stayed exactly as they are now? Is that something you could live with? the counsellor asks. Crying and apologizing, Vikki suddenly has to leave.

On the CL’s patio, Vikki fiddles with her ring as she daydreams of giving it back to JT – it’s just not working. Naw, we’re getting married whether you want to or not, he smirks then chases her to the front door to slam it before she can exit. Vikki won’t let anyone control her. Leave! she opens the front door – NOW! JT takes his suitcase out. Realtime, Vikki looks depressed and alone on the patio.

I didn’t do this, Jack insists. JT believes him. Whoever did this is a spineless coward, Jack continues – tangle with Victor but don’t blame me for it. I’m the one who saved him, Jack sighs. If only you stayed away from the ranch that night …. For your sake, JT quickly adds. He hopes Jack’s cleared and home soon.