Wednesday, April 4th

Billy arrives with Ashley – how did you do with boy-king? Abby updates ‘so far, so good’. The rest of the board is coming (as is Phyllis) Billy’s feeling the pressure of doing right by his Dad and Jack. When Kyle comes out, Billy tells him that it was fun while it lasted but it’s over now.

At CL’s, Mariah asks Sharon if she’s upset because things went too far with Nick – or because they didn’t go far enough. Telling Mariah that Nick left the door open (but now’s not the time) Sharon is optimistic that there’s something between them still.

Seated at the club, Nick admits that he does see his Dad as immortal and will regret it if Victor dies before they fix things between them. I was never enough like him. Thank God, Phyllis replies. Nick is determined to be strong. Stop for a minute, Phyllis tells him.

In Jack’s office, Ashley and Abby watch on as Billy tries to usurp Kyle (as he too is a blood Abbott) Did you read the clause? Kyle points out that the Abbott with the highest ranking job at Jabot becomes CEO. Billy doesn’t even work here. Ashley’s fixing that. Kyle boasts that even if Billy’s hired, HE is CEO – the highest ranking Abbott. I’m the only one who stuck with Jabot. You three moved on to competitors. I’m the only one loyal to Jabot, Kyle concludes. Now, excuse me. Close the door on your way out.

Vikki comes home to see vases of flowers all over the living room. Politely asking how Victor is, JT says that this day is about YOU. We can go out – stay in – whatever you want. The situation with my Father has made me look at my priorities, Vikki won’t let anyone control her ever again. JT’s proud of Vikki. He respects her and is sorry he hasn’t always made her feel that way. You let me into your life, home, your heart. JT’s felt like a failure for the past year. He’s been mad at himself, not Vikki. The counselling has made him realize that he must be the man Vikki deserves. You’re everything to me ~kiss~ Off come the clothes. I love you so much, JT pants.

Next: Nikki and Jill fight for the spotlight …. Ashley is suspicious of Kyle … JT is backed into a corner.

My Thoughts: ‘What’s all this about’? Vikki asks. ‘All this’ being JT handing Vikki a cup of coffee? Wow. Such effort …. Vikki wants honesty – ironic, considering she not only lied about conspiring against Ashley, she made JT an unwitting accomplice and embarrassed him in the process (not that he deserves any better) …. Oh Sharon – there’s more to being a therapist than talking down to your ‘patient’ in a soothing voice like he’s a child. Maybe Nick doesn’t want his-voice-of-reason to be the woman who’s twice spent time in a psychiatric facility… No Kyle – you are NOT a soldier. You’re a punk ass, trust fund kid in a fashion-forward suit. Your Dad – he was a soldier. In Vietnam. Where he Fathered Keemo. If only HE was the chemist brought in to replace Ashley instead of the invisible Helen.