Thursday, April 5th

Naked beneath a blanket on the sofa, JT coos that Vikki means everything to him. I have to be honest with you, she frowns.

In the hospital waiting lounge, Nikki’s frantic for an update. Going in search of a doctor, Nick sees a woman fleeing his Dad’s room. His ‘Miss? Can I help you?’ is ignored.

Billy visits Jack to update that Kyle schooled him, Ashley and Abby when they tried to dethrone him. Oh well, he’s sure Jack won’t be in here for long – and how much damage can the kid do? Jack’s still worried that Victor’s backing Kyle.

Abby and Ashley stand in the doorway to Jack’s office while Kyle convinces his assistant to come to GC (over the phone) When the ladies come in to remark that Kyle’s not missing a beat, he then asks if he can move into the family home. There must be some spare guest rooms, right?

Hilary’s delighted when Devon drops by GC Buzz (before the dedication at Chancellor Park) Hilary’s been researching Katherine; our baby’s great-grandmother. Simone arrives to kiss Devon and greet Hilary (who’s not happy to hear that she’s performing at the ceremony) My camera won’t miss a thing, Hilary promises.

JT’s stunned to hear that Vikki had planned to end things between them – thinking it’d be better for them and the kids. That sounds like Mac – or Billy, he protests. No, Vikki went to see the therapist again. JT walks off angrily.

Nikki moans and groans about Victor still being in critical condition – I can’t eat right now; soon, she promises Nick (who convinces her that Victor would want them to be at the park to honour Katherine) OK – but I’m coming right back, Nikki insists. No, she didn’t see a woman in Victor’s room earlier.

At the club, Jill is looking forward to breaking first ground at the park. Ester thinks Nikki might have something to say about that. She’ll be with Victor, Jill’s sure (which leaves her to infuse some class into the ceremony)

Abby and Ashley explain that it’s not a good idea to introduce new people to Dina; we can’t disrupt her routine, the doctors say. Kyle finds it ironic that he, a full blood Abbott, is being barred from the Abbott family home by a non-blood Abbott who works for Newman.