Friday, April 6th

Vikki gets a call from her Mom. Oh my God. We’ll be right there. We have to get back to the hospital, she tells JT.

Leaving, Nick thanks Phyllis – tonight was an awesome distraction. Sharon’s left to scold Phyllis. She was going to cook Nick a homecooked meal until you had to have Nick here for a video chat with your grown daughter. Nick smiled, and Phyllis knows all the meatloaf in the world wouldn’t have done for Nick what she just did.

How serious is Devon about Simone; have you talked marriage? Kids? No, not after a few dates, Devon scoffs – and he doesn’t agree that that’s what Simone wants. She dumped me. No, she gave up an ultimatum, Hilary claims – You don’t need a possessive woman making demands. Plus, she works for you. So do you, Devon reminds. And you’re delusional Devon if you think we’re in a ‘good place’. He regrets signing the contract – you’re someone I can’t trust. Finishing his drink, Devon leaves.

Billy comes home with beer to wonder where Nick is. He had to get back to the hospital, Phyllis reports. Now we have the place to ourselves (except for the kids upstairs) ~kiss~

Abby and Nick race into the hospital, followed by Vikki, JT and Reed. Nikki then updates that an attempt was made on Victor’s life. A switch was deliberately turned off. The hospital and the police are both investigating. It’s probably the same person who attacked him, Nick thinks this clears Jack. Unless he hired someone, JT offers. Nick remembers the dark-haired woman he saw coming out of Victor’s room the other day. Reed’s distressed – he can’t believe someone tried to kiss his Grandpa. JT gives him a comforting hug.

We can talk this through, Hilary chases Devon to the staircase. He has nothing to say – if Hilary’s not pregnant, the deal’s off. Yes, he does mean that – it’s over.

Nikki finally comes out of Victor’s room. What’s the story? they’re all eager to know. Come see for yourself, Nikki leads the way. Dad’s awake! His eyes are open! Yes, she tells the kids that he’s weak but very much alive.

Ashley revisits Jack to update that Victor’s awake. Jack’s ecstatic. He’ll tell them I didn’t do it and I’ll go free!

Victor can’t speak because he had a minor stroke, but Nikki’s sure he will in time and with therapy. Breathing tube still in, Victor struggles out some grunts and scowls – as JT looks worried and Nikki kisses her beloved’s forehead.