Friday, April 6th

Nick’s at CL’s to update Sharon that Victor’s condition has improved – and to apologize again for their fight the other day. You’ve been a great friend, I messed that up by kissing you. I kissed you back and it didn’t mess up a thing, Sharon’s just glad they cleared the air (and asks if he’s free later) Phyllis appears to ask about Victor (only because she cares about Nick) Sending Sharon off to get some food, Phyllis suggests they do a video chat with Summer and when Sharon returns, Nick announces that he’s not free tonight after all – he and Phyllis are doing a video chat with Summer. Toodle-loo, Phyllis smirks smugly as Sharon’s left to ‘keep the change’.

Jack’s furious to hear that his friend and longtime loyal employee has been fired by Kyle. I need to get back to Jabot before he does real damage.

At the bar, Devon again tells Hilary that Simone should have heard of their plan from HIM. Hilary’s answer didn’t use the word sex. No, but you still found a way to let her know, Devon reiterates. Hilary agrees that Devon SHOULD have told his girlfriend – she is your girlfriend, right?

Nick and Phyllis wrap up their video chat with Supergirl. When Billy comes down, Phyllis suggests they all hang out and have fun. I thought we had plans, Billy protests politely but is soon railroaded into playing videogames – after he fetches cold beers for Nick and Phyllis.

On the CL’s patio, JT and Vikki announce that they’re getting married again. Wow, Reed stammers. He hopes this isn’t going to be more drama. Surprised to hear they’re seeing a counsellor, Reed guesses he’s cool with it. When Vikki goes inside, Sharon’s overjoyed to hear that she and JT went to see the counsellor she recommended. She then prattles on – and hearing Vikki has no friends decides to host another girls get together. Rejoining JT, Vikki assures JT that they weren’t discussing Mac, or anything interesting.

Simone and I are dating, Devon answers. You’re not exclusive, Hilary knows that when Devon’s excited about someone he goes for it. Actually, Devon was interested in Simone but now she’s not interested in him. No, Hilary doesn’t find what they’re doing ‘strange’. OK, unconventional? Devon amends.

Ashley and Jack butt heads over Dina’s infidelities. He doesn’t want Abby recording his Mother’s memories – we can’t take them at face value. Ashley’s trying to sort fact from fantasy. Good luck with that, Jack says. I gotta get outta here – I’m going nuts.

Back home, Reed again says he’s OK with his folks remarrying. But it’s outdated – living together is fine too. Vikki agrees with JT – marriage isn’t outdated. She hopes her Dad will be there when they exchange vows. JT manages to agree.

The video gaming is on like donkey kong. Until Billy has to step out for beer – and Phyllis has to answer the door. Sharon barges in to say that she’s been looking for Nick. Why aren’t you answering your phone? Nikki’s frantic trying to reach you!