Friday, April 6th

JT watches a nurse rush into Victor’s room (alerted by the furious beeping of the unplugged machinery)

At the club, Nikki’s fussed over by her kids – who insist she eat a good dinner then go home for a nice hot bath and a good night’s sleep. Tonight the Newmans can relax – Victor’s condition is improving.

As medical staff wheel apparatus into Victor’s room, JT gets on the elevator (passing a woman with long dark hair who gives him a quick look)

Billy slaps Phyllis’ butt as she tidies up his kids’ toys. Promising she won’t be long, she’s then off to get something to eat for tomorrow’s breakfast.

At the bottom of the club’s stairs, Devon wants to talk to Hilary. You do? Hilary feigns surprise. Cut the crap – I’m sure you know why, Devon scowls.

As Nick excuses himself to take a contractor’s call, Vikki’s glad to have a chance to ask her Mom if she did the right thing taking over at NE. Nikki’s sure Victor would have wanted NE run by someone in the family. He’ll just be happy to be alive. Leave it to me, she reassures.

JT joins Vikki and her Mom to say that the server update went OK but he doesn’t feel well. Yes, by all means – go home, Nikki sends him and Vikki off (with a mildly suspicious look)

Of all the underhanded things you’ve done, Devon blasts Hilary. It was HIS place to tell Simone. Not only did you break your promise not to tell her but you made sure she knew we’d had sex!

Hilary wants to discuss it with Devon calmly and over a drink at the bar. I’ll go powder my nose and meet you there.

Nick rejoins his Mom to hear that Vikki and JT went home. When she asks Nick’s opinion of their relationship, Nick would rather talk about another relationship. Nikki put Arturo on hold while Victor’s ill. So when he comes home you’ll run back to him? Nick asks. Nikki ignores the question to comment on her soup.

While Vikki goes to make tea, JT looks out the window. Reed runs down to hear that his Grandpa’s getting better. When your Mom comes out tell her I’m upstairs. You sick? Yes, it feels that way, JT goes up. Vikki comes out to catch up with Reed – and ask how he feels about JT living with them. Both are happy about it (though Vikki doesn’t look it)

Jack’s summoned Ashley for a visit – he’s pumped that someone else’s blood was found at the ranch but still anxious about getting out of here.

JT comes down to ask if there’s any news on Victor. No, Vikki fusses over him (which annoys JT) When her phone goes off, he asks if it’s about Victor. No, it’s work. Agreeing not to repeat past mistakes, Vikki’s OK with setting a wedding date as soon as JT’s divorced from Mac and that they’ll take Reed out for coffee to announce their plans.