Monday, April 9th

Reed and the kids out seeing a movie, Vikki’s home to relax when Nick visits to update that Dad can’t speak yet – or tell us who tried to kill him – twice.

Victor’s first speech therapy session over with, Abby’s sure her Dad will be ordering Tequila before long. No one else will try to harm you; the family will see to that. It’s our turn to take care of you. You got that right, JT pops his head around the curtain to agree. Victor can only stare in response.

Mariah startles Sharon (as she’s busy sending smiley face emojis to someone) Yes, Mariah can ‘feed the troops’ tonight. Sharon has to go get ready. Ready for what? Mariah gets no answers to her many questions.

At the Abbott mansion, Dina’s enjoying pizza with Kyle. No, he’s not the man from the country club but he is willing to help Dina remember him – tell me about this man.

Nick has more info for Vikki – Paul says the hospital security cameras caught a man leaving Victor’s room after the machines were shut off – but no ID; he was wearing a hoodie. Paul’s also looking into the dark-haired woman Nick saw the other day. When Vikki’s phone beeps, she sends JT a quick text to say where she’s going and follows Nick out.

As Victor can only lay there, Abby tells JT that hopefully, with the help of speech therapy, her Dad will be able to tell them who attacked him. When JT doesn’t necessarily agree that Jack’s in the clear, Abby wonders why he’s here (implying Vikki should be instead) Vikki’s doing her job and Victor’s, JT points out. That’s because she lied about her demotion, Abby then leaves JT to warn Victor that he still has the upper hand – and will use it.

Dina tells Kyle that she and her mystery man spent a lot of time at the Stardust Inn. If only I could recall his name. No, Dina has no photos but she does have a special memento. When Ashley comes in annoyed that Kyle didn’t call before coming, Dina scolds the ‘maid’ and tells her to clean up this mess. When Dina leaves to fetch her memento, Ashley’s even less happy to hear that Kyle knows about his grandmothers’ trysts at the Stardust Inn.

At home, JT pulls out his suitcase and a pad of paper. Giving up on writing a note, he pulls out his day planner.

Nick comes home to find Mariah setting up an indoor picnic on the floor. She didn’t order food – she made dinner. Did Sharon work late? Nick asks. On cue, Sharon comes down all dressed up. I have a date, she announces.

Has Dina mentioned this man before? Kyle asks. Ashley shrugs it off – it’s hard to tell what memories are real. Don’t encourage her to chase after something that might not exist. Kyle then gets an alert on his phone – NE is all over the news and so are you, he shows Ashley (who then shows Kyle the door) Outside, he makes a call – you’re gonna love what I have to say. See you soon.