Monday, April 9th

Ashley tells Dina that her friend had to leave. Because you made him uncomfortable, Dina still plans to have the maid fired – you don’t belong here. I’ll try to do better, Ashley smiles patiently.

Sharon’s meeting her date at the restaurant. But how can I make him feel uncomfortable? Mariah jokes. Hearing that Sharon found her date online, Mariah hopes it’s not DesignDate. Too soon? she quips. Nick’s not sure this is a good idea. I’m meeting him at Double Zed, Sharon informs. Have fun, Nick goes to get the kids ready for dinner. That leaves Mariah to suspect that Sharon’s trying to make Nick jealous – and it worked. Then let him do something about it, Sharon exits with a smile.

Kyle’s asked Lauren to meet him at the club. He has an idea that’ll be beneficial to both their companies. He’s ordering wine so they can toast when she accepts his proposition. While Lauren laughs at Kyle’s confidence, Abby arrives to scowl at the pair.

JT’s sitting Vikki down for some relax-time when Ashley barges in to announce that she’s taking over NE. There’s no memo – you have no authority, Vikki protests. Oh? Ashley shows her the memo that’s been leaked to the press. Vikki’s sure it was forged. It was sent from Victor’s email account, Ashley sums it up – You. Are. Out (everyone now knows that Vikki was demoted)

Dinner almost ready, Nick asks Mariah how she really feels about Sharon going on a date. Mariah was quiet because she let Nick take the lead – Don’t worry, Sharon knew exactly what you were trying to say.

Lauren’s pleased that Kyle’s so interested in Fenmore’s (which Jack treated like an afterthought) Your focus is impressive. Does that mean I can count on your support? Kyle asks. Abby comes over to ask what they’re talking about. You’ll hear all about it at the board meeting, Kyle then escorts Lauren out.

Vikki hopes Ashley doesn’t try to get in to tell Victor this. He might demote you to the mailroom – or fire you, Ashley warns Vikki. Oh, and Victor’s office and files etc, are off limits to you. Now alone, a furious Vikki lashes out at JT (who points out that Abby has the most to gain here) Vikki asks JT what he would do. Leave town on vacation, he suggests. It’s spring break. Your Dad’s getting better. It gives us time to come up with a plan.