Tuesday, April 10th

Showing Victor a tablet, Nikki explains that Vikki took over NE. How the press got a hold of a memo demoting her, she has no idea. Vikki and JT packed up and went to Hawaii until things cool down, she adds.

JT and Reed admire the view from their suite in Hawaii. When Vikki lists stuff to do, JT slows her down – I’m not even wearing a watch. Let’s go off the grid, he rounds up their cell phones and puts them in a drawer (even though Vikki worries she’ll miss an update on Victor’s condition)

Phyllis can’t play hookey – she has to keep her eye on Kyle. Even better, Billy can come to Jabot and watch Kyle while she gets some work done. They’re about to leave when Nick drops by in need of a private word with Phyllis. OK, Billy will meet her at Jabot.

After Reed takes the kids to the beach, JT tries to get Vikki to relax; forget work, Ashley, your Dad. Let’s never go back, he suggests they travel the world. Vikki’s alarmed to realize he’s not joking. JT wants to disappear with the kids.

Dropping by CL’s, Billy asks Sharon if she’d like an extra video game console. So, you heard I wasn’t pleased to find Nick playing games and drinking beer with Phyllis, she correctly assumes. That’s how they bonded after Cassie died; Sharon now hates video games. Forget I said anything, she waves it off and apologizes. No need – Billy isn’t pleased either. Nick coming over this morning and asked him to leave so he could talk to Phyllis in private.

At Phyllis’, Nick confides that he’s bothered that Sharon went out on a date last night. She looked good all dressed up. I warned you not to move in with her, Phyllis reminds. Run for the hills before you fall into that trap again. Too late, we already kissed, Nick admits.

Meanwhile, in Hawaii, JT doesn’t see any reason they can’t start fresh somewhere. Money’s no problem but Vikki doesn’t want to leave her family and Billy won’t let her take the kids. It wouldn’t be fair to Johnny and Katie either. JT thinks it’d be good for Vikki to get away from Victor (who has too much influence over Reed) Somewhat agreeing, Vikki still thinks the good (of staying in GC) outweighs the bad. Both accusing the other of being ‘selfish’, JT huffs out to get some air.

Phyllis isn’t worried about Nick hooking up with Sharon so much as she’s concerned that Sharon’s end game is Christian. Knowing Adam’s his Father, she might think she has an equal right to raise him. Nick gets why Phyllis would think that but assures that Sharon knows that he and Sage are Christian’s parents. Phyllis wonders if Sharon even had a date – perhaps she’s just trying to make you jealous.

Back at CL’s, Billy wonders if Sharon knows what Nick needed to speak to Phyllis about. She’s very protective of him. Billy’s surprised that Sharon’s so nonchalant. After he leaves, Sharon looks anything but nonchalant.