Monday, April 9th

Over wine, Abby feels better knowing there’s a guard outside Victor’s room. She can see in his eyes that he wants to make someone pay. Ashley tells her about the memo – the only thing leaked from Victor’s computer. Corporate espionage or not, this is a gift. Abby wonders if it was leaked to hurt Vikki or help Ashley. We need to keep our eye on Kyle – he’s definitely up to something.

Kyle sits on Victor’s bed to give him good news – Lauren’s all in. That leaves us one vote short. If I can swing Phyllis’ vote, we can take Jabot public. Have your chequebook ready.

JT continues to convince Vikki that going on vacation is a good idea – do it for us. Break the cycle (like the counsellor said) Say yes – we’ll leave tonight. When Vikki thinks that too soon, JT offers to do all the packing. Destination? Hawaii (Yes, JT already planned this surprise) Let’s leave all this crap behind us.Vikki agrees with a hug.

Sharon comes home to find Nick asleep on the couch. Awakening when she ruffles his hair, he asks how the date went. He was a lovely, accomplished man – but he wasn’t … right for me, Sharon claims. He travels a lot, I’m a homebody. Did you wait up for me? she asks. Nick just wanted to make sure Sharon made it home OK. He’ll always care. OK, Sharon’s off to bed. Good night. On the stairs, she pauses to smile with satisfaction.

Ashley and Abby put the pieces together - Kyle's firing longtime Jack supporters and wooing Lauren to his side. Ashley was close to using the blood-only clause - but Kyle almost found out on his own (from Dina) We can't let Kyle be alone with her. We need the cards stacked in our favour for that board meeting.

Lauren was happy with the proposed figures, other board members will be too, Kyle tells Victor that he hopes to have enough votes to quell any objection. And no worries if Victor's not able to buy shares himself, Kyle will have Vikki carry out his wishes. Victor's hand twitches.

Packed and dressed to go, Vikki ends a call with her Mom; I love you. You sure packed a lot for a short trip, Vikki observes. She gives JT a thank you kiss - this will be good for us; something positive to talk about at our next counselling session. Looking around the darkened house, JT locks the door.

Next: Nick meets Victor's mystery visitor .... Jack and Billy join forces .... Lauren tests Phyllis' loyalty.

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