Tuesday, April 10th

Vikki’s not impressed to find the drawer of cell phones is locked. JT returns to say he knew she couldn’t resist and refuses to unlock it. We agreed to just relax. The kids are having a great time on the beach – take a book and go read. When JT’s phone goes off, Vikki’s further annoyed – you locked our phones away but not yours?

At Jabot, Phyllis asks Lauren if she’s seen Billy. No, but Lauren has news – Kyle’s taking Jabot public. This can’t happen, Phyllis recalls the last time Jack tried to take the company public; Victor swooped in. We need to vote against Kyle. Lauren, however, thinks that Jabot going public would be the answer to her prayers. She can buy back her shares from Jack; HER legacy from HER Father will be independent again.

Victor’s holding the tablet with Nikki and Nick on either side of his bed. Vikki didn’t mention a trip, Nick’s surprised to hear she’s in Hawaii. Both watch as Victor shakily writes ‘JT’ on the tablet with his finger. When he continues to point at the tablet, neither seem to notice he’s agitated. Noting that his Dad looks better, Nick leaves and in the hallway confronts the woman he saw in Victor’s room yesterday. I’d never hurt him, she denies the accusation. Grabbing her (as Nikki watches) Nick calls Paul – come arrest the woman who tried to kill my Dad.

JT claims he kept his phone out for emergencies. Grabbing it, Vikki’s about to text her Mom when she notes (and questions) all his calls to Paul. He’s been my friend for years, JT doesn’t see the big deal. OK – you can have your phone back. But as JT unlocks the drawer, Vikki’s busy reading JT’s texts – all about Victor! You’re working with the Chief of Police to bring down my Dad!

When Billy ‘finally’ arrives at Jabot, Phyllis updates him that Kyle wants to take the company public. When Jack finds out he’ll explode. Worse yet, Lauren here is in favour of it. Billy immediately guesses that she wants Fenmore’s back but warns that Kyle’s up to no good. With Victor, Phyllis adds. Lauren reminds that Victor paid her son’s ransom and reimbursed her the money Chelsea stole. She won’t give up the chance to buy her company back. After Billy leaves to see Jack, Lauren makes it clear that she expects Phyllis to vote in favour of the company she works for; the company that signs her paycheques, Fenmore’s.

At the station, Helen tells Paul that she was delivering a gift to Victor. Am I under arrest? Helen? a surprised Jack wonders what his chief chemist is doing here. Both scoff at Paul’s suggestion that Helen is Jack’s accomplice. He’s eager for Victor to recover and clear him.

Have you been working as a mole for Paul and Chris the whole time!? Vikki now suspects JT’s been lying since he came to town. With a sigh, JT sits to explain that the Williams knew he lied for Nikki so convinced him to look for evidence that Victor had been involved in crooked deals around the world. He found no evidence – the investigation ended. No, JT didn’t use Vikki – he loves her. Told that JT was offered a job, Vikki accuses him of betraying her and her family for a chance to relive his glory days as a PI. JT claims that Vikki would have been arrested as an accessory if JT didn’t ask Paul to ONLY focus on Victor. That man is bad for you – you’re his emotional punching bag, he continues – Victor would kick you to the curb if Nick came back. JT is taking Vikki away from all the stress at NE.

Yes, JT leaked that memo to the press – because he loves Vikki so much and can see how being under Victor’s thumb has broken her spirit; the Vikki I know would never be insecure enough to plot against Ashley. I wanted to get you out of that prison. Vikki doesn’t see how ruining her reputation and being publically humiliated is a good thing. JT credits himself with Vikki no longer having to work 80 hour work weeks. He’s created this life for ‘us’ – we just have to reach out and grab it together.

When Billy visits, Jack complains that he’s been denied bail and considered a flight risk. Paul’s now questioning Helen (thinking she’s his accomplice) Billy wonders how Helen’s connected to Victor.

Nikki’s now at the station – did this mystery woman try to kill Victor? No, she had sound reason for wanting to see Victor (which Paul can’t divulge) Nikki plays the friends card and wants a little hint. Paul now believes that Victor and Nikki have an arrangement. Taking Nikki into his office, he introduces Helen as Victor’s mistress then leaves them to speak privately in his office.