Tuesday, April 10th

Nick comes home to hear Sharon comforting Christian on the baby monitor. She will chase all the scary things away. Nick frowns.

Damn him – how dare he!? Jack thinks Kyle’s playing right into Victor’s hands. Billy’s to find out what Helen’s connection is – why is she bringing that bastard presents?!

In Paul’s office, Nikki asks Helen how she came to be involved with Victor. He told me you have an open marriage, Helen’s no home wrecker. Nikki agrees they do have an arrangement (but still wants her question answered) Helen met Victor at the GCAC. He congratulated her on her job and then it just happened. Victor’s so charming. Nikki agrees but I am the great love of his life and Jack is his worst enemy. You better decide where you fit into that mix. Helen’s left to sit and think.

Vikki’s not staying in Hawaii or going anywhere else with the controlling JT. Years of failures have changed who you are. No, Vikki’s not perfect but she tries to learn from her mistakes. JT knows Vikki she’ll change her mind. No, Vikki takes off her ring – she’s taking the kids home. I don’t care what you do. Are you going to hold me hostage? she asks when JT blocks the door. If you leave, I won’t take you back, JT moves. Great, Vikki slams out.

Next: Vikki reveals the truth about her relationship with JT.

My Thoughts: How can JT possibly think he can disappear with Vikki and the kids? Are they all to get passports with new names? Vikki’s been in the news a few times – she’d have to completely change her appearance. And Reed’s probably still on probation so he’d risk going to jail. Then there’s Billy – he’d spend the rest of his life hunting down his kids. Unless she has sole custody, Vikki could be charged for taking them (and lose custody yet again) And then there’s her family – as if Vikki would voluntarily never see her parents, brother, nieces and nephews again. And sure, SHE has enough money to live on but since JT’s been ‘failing’ for years, he can’t have much saved. Is Vikki supposed to support JT and make his child support payments? It’s really too bad JT’s character had to be written this way but I imagine he only agreed to a limited appearance because of his success as a producer/actor on the big screen (recently saw him in 12 Strong) … Of course Victor met his mistress at the club. He probably rented the same room Nikki and Arturo have been cavorting in. Looks like neither of them are overly concerned with being discreet … Too bad Victor was only able to scrawl two letters ‘JT’. If he didn’t write so big he could have added ‘did it’ or drawn some stairs and an arrow … Jack’s a flight risk just because his company owns a jet? Surely it could be grounded. It’s not like anyone uses it for business anyway. Or Jack could be placed under home arrest; with an ankle monitor. Perhaps Mike’s not so brilliant after all… Looks like Ashley may have to drop the bomb at the board meeting that neither Jack or Kyle are blood Abbotts. The way things are going it might be a good idea to test Billy, Traci and Abby’s DNA. Maybe John didn’t father any kids.