Wednesday, April 11th

Getting home, Vikki sends Reed and the kids upstairs and mopes over a framed wedding photo (flashing back to JT vowing to honour and love her the rest of his life) Reed comes down looking for answers on why they left Dad in Hawaii. Getting no explanation, he grabs his guitar and slams out to spend the night at Rick’s.

Sharon wonders why Reed’s at CL’s, not on a Hawaiian beach. Mom pulled the plug and Dad’s not answering, he then brushes past Billy grumbling that his Mom blew it again – the wedding’s off.

Surprised to find Vikki at the office, Ashley needs to speak to JT about a security issue. You won’t find him, Vikki’s vague but denying she’s playing games suddenly bursts into tears behind her desk. Ashley shoos someone away at the door and closes it.

Mariah delivers Sharon a bag of organic limes to go with the Tequila but isn’t sure throwing a girls’ party for Vikki is a great idea. You aren’t friends with Vikki; in fact, neither can name any friends Vikki has. When Sharon calls Abby, she promptly gets hung up on.

Sitting across from Vikki, Ashley hands tissue over and is sorry to hear that she and JT broke up. No, she won’t say ‘I told you so’ (because her record isn’t stellar either) Ashley’s then stunned to hear that JT was the one to leak the memo. She and Vikki agree that they’re both resilient women. You have a lot to prove, Ashley says in a challenging tone – and seems pleased that that’s exactly what Vikki will do.

Just as Mariah’s ready to give up on planning a party for Vikki, Sharon looks at the door – we’re in business. It’ll be you, me and her Mom? Mariah thinks that even more pathetic. Looking like she smells something bad, Nikki’s stunned to hear that Vikki’s home and that Sharon’s throwing her a party. Mariah chimes in to assure that they have the best intentions – please come.

Vikki gets off the phone when Billy drops by the office. Having heard about the break up from Reed, he offers to take Johnny and Katie for a few days – and holds Vikki when she starts to cry at the thought of telling the kids that JT won’t be coming home.

You really have no shame – and no, Ashley is NOT paying Kyle a compliment (when he drops by the house looking to speak to Dina) Kyle denies he’s looking to manipulate Dina’s vote (she’s not on the board, Ashley points out) His only agenda is spending time with his grandmother. It’s grandpa’s company you’re more interested in, Ashley suspects.

Mariah’s not sure Nikki attending will help this party – she doesn’t even drink. Sharon then calls Billy to ask if Phyllis has any plans tonight? Billy looks awkward when Phyllis gives him a kiss before taking a seat across the table (at the club)

Kyle doesn’t want to be treated as the enemy. Ashley doesn’t want Kyle to take Jabot public. You work at Newman, he reminds. If Victor’s involved in this plan to take Jabot to new heights YOU’LL be the loser here, Ashley warns (and won’t be insulted in her own home by someone she didn’t even invite) Escorted out, Kyle tells Ashley to sit back and enjoy the ride. Feeling the motion sickness already, Ashley locks the front door.