Thursday, April 12th

Nikki continues to console Vikki outside – come to me if you need help. I’ll never judge you. Vikki didn’t want to admit she was a failure. No, JT failed YOU, Nikki corrects. She doubts Vikki can find the old JT; he’s not strong enough to fight what he’s become (like Nikki fights her alcoholism) Vikki regrets letting her kids think they’d have a big, happy family. Nikki reasons that all a parent can do is love their kids. Vikki has to wonder why her Mom’s still with Victor after all he’s done. That’s different, Nikki changes the subject – she knows Vikki will be happy again ~hug~

Inside, Sharon and Phyllis chat – JT sure turned out to be a piece of trash. She should have thrown him out, Phyllis fumes. Know-it-all Sharon disagrees – you don’t understand that type of insidious abuse. After Nikki sends Vikki up to bed she puts their differences aside to thank Sharon and Phyllis – I won’t forget this.

In the upstairs bathroom, Vikki washes her face and is startled when JT’s reflection appears in the mirror (standing behind her)

How did you get in here!? JT’s embarrassed that he had to break into his ‘own house’ but he’s fighting for the woman he loves. It’s over – leave now, Vikki walks into the bedroom. JT follows, closes the door and again pleads his case. The love is there but this place is toxic – let’s go somewhere. Yes, JT does need help but Vikki is the only person who can help him. Our story can’t end here. Vikki’s life is here – without JT.

Downstairs, Nikki’s horrified that her daughter was treated so badly by JT and feels guilty for not seeing it. Sharon’s therapeutic comfort goes over better than Phyllis’ instinct for revenge. Violence is not the answer, Sharon lectures on parenting and absolves Nikki – you made Vikki the woman she is today.

Upstairs, JT continues his whining – I’m opening my heart here. Vikki’s speaking from her heart too. If it weren’t for Reed, she’d forget she ever knew JT. She won’t tolerate JT’s relentless emotional abuse. It’s over. Mac got to you, JT again tries to assign blame elsewhere. No, it’s who YOU are – Vikki will never be with JT again.