Thursday, April 12th

His hopes dashed, JT calls Vikki a cold bitch. It’s always someone else’s fault – but Vikki won’t take the blame. JT knows Vikki loved being controlled by him. You invited me into your home and bed. No one’s good enough for Victor’s princess. He controls and poisons you. My Father is fighting for his life! Vikki reminds. JT claims that Victor issued threats and ordered him to leave town. We’d all be better off if he died in that fall. Was it you!? a lightbulb goes off above Vikki’s head. You didn’t go out for champagne that night – you were at the ranch! It was an accident, JT insists – Victor went crazy. You left my Father to die! Vikki’s furious.

There as no attack – Victor fell. I panicked and ran, JT claims. You came home with champagne like nothing had happened – Jack’s in a jail cell because of you. You’re the one who turned off his ventilator! Vikki has another epiphany. Why does Victor deserve to live when Colleen died?! JT shouts and stops Vikki from calling the police, blocks the door then slaps and throws her around the bedroom. Hearing the ruckus, the party guests run in. Grabbing a poker from the fireplace, Nikki delivers a blow that sends JT to the ground, unconscious.

Next week: In his Dad’s room, Nick announces that he’s decided to just call JT – go straight to the source. Victor grunts his protest …. At Vikki’s, Mariah knocks on the bedroom door – Are you guys in there? Mom? We’re in here Sweetie, Sharon calls out (as Nikki, Phyllis and Vikki look alarmed) …. I have some news you should hear personally, Chris tells Jack (in Paul’s office) …. Behind the steering wheel of her car, Vikki asks Paul what brought him by. It’s about JT, Paul leans into the window to say.

My Thoughts: Poor JT – so embarrassed that he had to break into ‘our’ house (which is not his house at all – even if Vikki was so blinded by love that she didn’t have the presence of mind to have Mike draw up some sort of contract protecting her millions) You’d think Vikki would have installed some sort of home security system to alert her when someone breaks in through the garage (I wonder why he didn’t just use his key for the back door) … So, I’m guessing JT’s dead. Let’s hope so. There’s no way the character can be redeemed, never mind the happily ever after some fans had hoped for. I still find it a bit unsettling that Sharon’s the voice of reason. She might want to take off her counsellor hat and put on a hiding-dead-body hat. It wouldn’t be the first time Sharon and Nikki have moved a dead body around. Phyllis has some experience too (though she had Kevin roll Dr Tim up in a rug for disposal) …. If Nikki’s even charged, she’ll get off with self-defence. Her kill count so far? Her abusive Father, Bobby Marsino’s younger brother and Diane Jenkins (in a drunken stupor) JT could be #4.