Thursday, April 12th

Girls party sure has taken a dark turn. Nikki needs to know exactly how JT abused Vikki. Noticing all the criticism and loaded comments, she feared it might be worse. Vikki explains how JT manipulated her – it wasn’t just words. Before she can elaborate, JT’s text/call interrupts but goes ignored as the ladies express support and sympathy for Vikki as she details how exhausting it was covering this up – her life revolved around JT and his moods.

All looking over Vikki’s shoulder at JT’s text messages (DO NOT IGNORE ME) Sharon’s advice is to disengage – put the phone down. Phyllis suggests she text him back – tell JT where to put his phone.

At CL’s, JT’s frustrated when getting Vikki’s voicemail again. Cane joins him to hear that Vikki broke off the engagement. What kind of issues were you having? he wonders. Bad decisions but with good intentions, JT sums it up sadly – seems it’s too much for Vikki to overcome.

Relationships are complicated – love isn’t easy, Sharon soothes. Nikki wishes Vikki had talked to her. And say what? That I was a victim? That JT’s love meant more than my self-respect? Vikki didn’t want to be judged – everyone warned her that things were happening too fast. I let JT bully me. I told him it had to stop, we argued – he’d apologize – I convinced myself I overreacted and it wouldn’t happen again. Sharon hears this type of thing every day on the crisis line. Vikki wasn’t sure who’d believe her. Me, Nikki tears up. Vikki then relays Mac trying to warn her. She was worried about you, Sharon adds. Praising Vikki, Phyllis can’t see what JT could find to criticize. Vikki details the incident in which JT punched the wall next to her face. She covered her bruises and wore his ring. Phyllis doesn’t understand why she stayed after that. I loved him, Vikki thought she could fix things – if she behaved the right way. Sharon understands – you didn’t do anything wrong. Nikki reassures Vikki that Victor would be proud of her. All surround Vikki as she explains realizing in Hawaii that she had to leave and never look back.

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Nikki’s aghast to hear that Paul and Chris hired JT to spy on Victor. JT lived here and pretended to be loyal to NE while spying. Why on earth would he think that Vikki would leave her family? That’s why JT leaked the memo, Sharon realizes. Phyllis thinks JT sounds desperate – was HE willing to abandon HIS kids? Sounds like he has nothing to lose. Nikki vows to never let JT anywhere near Vikki ever again. Going out for some air, Vikki leaves her guests to absorb what they’ve learned.

On the CL’s patio, JT tells Cane that he and Vikki had a disagreement. Maybe she needs time to cool off – don’t give up – go after what you want, Cane advises – if it was meant to be it’ll happen. Thanking Cane for the advice and his friendship, JT’s leaving – you’ll be hearing things about me soon, it’s up to you whether you believe it or not.

Outside, on the porch, Nikki wraps a blanket around her brave girl. I’m not, Vikki sighs – I let JT break me. You survived, walked away – Nikki’s as supportive as a Mother can be ~hug~