Friday, April 13th

We have to tie him up before he comes to, Sharon runs around the bedroom looking for suitable restraints. He’s not breathing, Phyllis informs as she crouches beside JT’s body. We have to call someone! Nikki panics. It’s too late for that, Phyllis snaps. All are startled by a knock on the door.

Nick arrives in his Father’s room to take a seat and have a one-sided conversation about Helen, the woman you’ve been seeing. Mom’s jealous. Nick’s not judging this arrangement – you both seem happier. He then talks about Jack being in jail – they have the wrong guy.

Are you guys in there? Mom? What’s going on in there? Sharon slips out to escort the wobbly Mariah down the hall.

As Nikki consoles a stunned Vikki, Phyllis assures all that JT’s quite dead. Mariah’s now downstairs telling Sharon that she remembers something – it’s bad. Sharon looks terrified.

As Mariah gulps water, Sharon asks what she remembers. I remember me blurting out that I kissed a girl. No, it’s NOT fine, Mariah wails. Despite not feeling well, Mariah declines going home (especially hearing that the others are upstairs going through Vikki’s closet) As Sharon pulls out her phone to call a car, Mariah hugs her and slurs – you’re a good Mom and a good friend.

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At the station, Paul and Chris debate whether Jack attacked Victor. Paul thinks the evidence circumstantial – Chris is sure Jack’s guilty and will be convicted.

Giving Victor a sip of water, Nick continues his monologue – we’ll get the person who tried to kill you. We’ve got guards posted outside, the family are taking turns. Maybe we’ll involve some of JT’s security guys. When Victor reaches out, Nick hands him his phone. It’s conveniently open to an app that allows Victor to again jot down ‘JT’.

Returning to Vikki’s room, Sharon updates that Mariah’s gone home – she didn’t hear anything; doesn’t know JT was here. Vikki wonders if JT’s pulse is just very weak. His body’s already cold, Phyllis is sure he’s dead. Confiding that JT was the one who’s twice tried to kill her Dad, Vikki wants to call the police. Phyllis objects – your Mom will be arrested for murder and us for being accessories.

JT was assaulting me – he shoved me across the room, into the dresser, Vikki sniffles. Phyllis plays devil’s advocate – the police won’t see it as self-defence. They’ll see it as revenge. I was trying to protect my daughter, Nikki whimpers. No, she didn’t share her suspicions about JT with anyone. Did you bring it up in counselling? Sharon asks. Yes, Vikki told her that JT grabbed her throat. But she also admitted that she hit JT. Phyllis knows how this will look – a rich woman above the law, killing the man who tried to kill her Father. We need to come up a plan.