Friday, April 13th

Asked how she’ll explain away blood that wasn’t Jack or Victor’s? Chris puts on her prosecutors’ voice – dozens of people go in and out of the ranch; who knows how long the blood’s been there? Something still feels ‘off’ to Paul. Both consider that the second attack might be someone else; Victor does have lots of enemies. Paul then gets a call – the blood was JT’s! And we’re the ones who put him there, Paul’s seen an edge to JT; he’s bitter and resentful. Chris points out that according to ranch security only Jack logged in that night. JT’s a security expert, Paul sums it up – our prime suspect is my old friend JT.

What are you trying to tell us? Nick asks his Dad – who did this to you? Victor becomes more agitated when Nick considers calling JT.

Still in her room, Vikki wishes she’d handled the situation differently – how did I not see this coming? How could JT think I’d run away with him? It’s not you, it’s him, Nikki consoles. As Sharon and Phyllis also offer support, JT’s phone rings. It’s Nick! Sharon yelps after pulling JT’s phone out. Call me – it’s important, Nick leaves a message. As the ladies wonder why Nick would be calling JT, Vikki escapes – to her car. Before she can get anywhere, Paul appears – he’s there regarding JT.

Having searched the house, Nikki, Phyllis and Sharon wonder where Vikki went. OMG – she’s outside with Paul. Bringing Paul inside, Vikki drops another bomb – JT was spying for Paul and Chris. Unwilling to discuss it, Paul asks where JT is and wonders why Vikki’s so upset. Phyllis quietly updates that JT and Vikki broke up. She brought the kids home and left JT in Hawaii. Paul asks Vikki for the name of the hotel they stayed at and leaves.

Nick blathers on to his Dad about Vikki and JT’s trip – he’ll try to reach JT again later. Stop pushing yourself, Nick is about to go get something from the nurse to calm Victor down. You want me to stay? Nick fires question until Victor finally manages to croak – JT did this to me.