Friday, April 13th

Back at the station, Paul fills Chris in. JT told Vikki that he was spying for us – they broke up. He found Vikki spaced out in her car. Getting a call, Paul learns that JT flew back to GC. Nick then calls – Dad says ‘JT did this to me’. Paul has news for Nick – your sister’s not in Hawaii. Neither is JT – they broke up. Paul will get a warrant and bring JT in attempted murder.

Sharon and Phyllis bicker about lying to Paul. Vikki takes blame for starting the lies (with Paul) JT was working for Paul – he might use this as leverage. Phyllis thinks they’ll do anything to bring down Victor. Vikki can’t do this anymore – she’s conflicted in her feelings towards JT. Nikki understands – and describes her relationship with her Father. He tried to rape me – I killed him. She vowed to protect Vikki from the day she was born. That’s what I did tonight ~hug~

As Mariah sleeps on the sofa at home, a TV news bulletin alerts that police are searching for JT Hellstrom; a warrant has been issued in connection with the attempted murder of Victor Newman. Mariah sits up and looks puzzled.

Nick’s gotta go find Vikki – she’s not answering her phone and needs to know about JT. There’s a guard outside who won’t let JT in – I’ll be back soon, he promises. Victor’s left looking exhausted and sad.

Phyllis won’t let Nikki be punished for protecting her daughter. Sharon suggests they go to Paul – make him understand. No one who wasn’t here will understand, Phyllis insists. We’ll be torn away from our children and locked up. JT’s dead upstairs, Vikki still seems to be in shock. We have to get rid of the body, Phyllis decides.

My Thoughts: Why is Sharon always wearing ill-fitting bras under light coloured tops? The bulges are so distracting. I guess she’s amongst the 80% of women who aren’t wearing the right size bra. Which is odd because there’s a wardrobe department whose sole job is to make everyone look good. And what’s up with Phyllis blouse? Sharon needn’t look far for something to tie JT up with – just use those weird ribbons on Phyllis’ sleeves … Where are Faith and Christian? Who’s babysitting them? I guess Billy’s home with Johnny and Katie while Phyllis is playing hide-the-body at Vikki’s. I wonder if Vikki has an area rug they can roll JT up in. Nikki, Sharon and Phyllis all have experience getting rid of bodies. There was a shovel and mound of dirt at the park for the breaking ground ceremony. Or maybe Arturo can encase JT’s body in the cement foundation of his next building… I guess Reed will be the only one who’ll miss JT – but will understand once he hears he was the one who tried to kill off grandpa… Why hasn’t anyone thought to give Victor a pad of paper and a pen? … I guess we won’t hear any more about Paul and Chris investigating Victor’s involvement in global fixing.