Monday, April 16th

In GCM’s hallway, Nick gets a call from Mariah – you won’t believe this – JT’s wanted by the police. Nick’s way ahead of her – his Dad told him JT’s the one who attacked him. Mariah now worries about her Mom – she, Phyllis and Nikki are all over at Vikki’s. Nick will head over there now.

Vikki, Nikki, Sharon and Phyllis tiptoe into the bedroom to debate what to do with JT. He’s Reed’s Father, he deserves a decent burial, Vikki decides (but has no idea how to accomplish that) Nikki ends the bickering – we’re four intelligent women – we’ll fix this – together.

In Paul’s office, Jack’s all sarcasm with Chris – who has news; Victor’s awake and ID’d his attacker as JT Hemmstrom.

The ground is still frozen, Sharon lists other reasons against burying JT. Vikki refuses to dump him at the emergency room. Sharon suggests Lake Michigan. But where will we get a boat? Phyllis ‘ridicules’ the idea. Nikki has a better one – there’s a hole already dug in the middle of town; the garden at Chancellor Park.

At HWG, Devon and Tessa are surprised to find Hilary working (on promoting music artists of all things) Devon’s impressed but can’t discuss it over dinner. Hilary then wobbles a bit as she stands up too quickly.

Chris was just doing her job – sorry, but maybe Jack shouldn’t have stolen Victor’s hard drive. Paul? He’s out looking for JT. We’ll find him, she’s sure.

Nikki continues her pitch – landscapers have already ‘disturbed’ ground at the park. They’ll come back and plant flowers in the spring. All agree it’s the perfect spot. Getting JT out of here won’t be easy, Phyllis says knowingly.

Vikki and her Mom bring in a rolled up rug from the attic for transport. Let’s get this done.

Tessa eavesdrops as Hilary insists on pitching her ideas to Devon tonight. He doesn’t have time – tell Tessa. To an assistant? Hilary’s insulted. Devon’s meeting someone for drinks. Hilary demands to know who he’s meeting. Devon admits he’s seeing Simone.

As Nikki runs back up for the poker and JT’s cell phone, Nick comes banging on the door shouting for Vikki to let him in (much to the horror of the three ladies who’re halfway down the staircase with a dead body)

Tessa types away as Hilary whines about giving up an entire evening to do something good for this company. I could be carrying your child and you won’t even give me the time of day. Devon can see that Hilary’s jealous. She laughs – that’s insulting. Tessa’s left smirking when Devon tells Hilary she shouldn’t skip meals – then exits.